Haier is Chillin' Summer until June 30!

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Mild drizzles and overcast skies have frequently been making appearances lately, signalling that summer is winding down; but don’t put away your sunscreen and beach hats just yet because the sun keeps shining over at Haier, with its Chillin’ Summer Promo. Make the rest of your summer count by making Haier a part of it, and let the summer fun continue! 

Choose to buy a Haier or Sanyo appliance from specially selected items and score a cool freebie to take home for free! Each purchase has a corresponding freebie that you and your family can enjoy and even take on your pahabol summer vacations. So head on to the leading appliance stores near you and start enjoying some hot home appliances, and the free gifts that come with them. 

For every 32-inch or any bigger size LED TV you get the chance to choose between a 5400 MAH power bank that’s surely useful for long drives to the beach, and a wall bracket for that new screen of yours. 

Wanna chill? Then get a Haier or Sanyo refrigerator! Whether it’s a single door or a two-door you’re eyeing, the choice is yours between a free Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 3 Sports Bottle or a Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 1 Chug Bottle + Slotted Spoon. If you’d rather get a 1/3 gallon Coleman Cooler Water Jug or a Sanyo pressure cooker, then buy a 2-door no-frost refrigerator instead. 

A window type air conditioner (AC) can get you free AC brackets while a split type will come with a 1/3 gallon Cooler Water Jug from Coleman or a P3,000 Installation Subsidy. 

Get a 500g Surf Blossom Fresh w/ Fabcon Detergent when you buy a single tub washing machine. Make it a twin tub and score a Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 3 Sports Bottle or Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 1 Chug Bottle + Slotted Spoon. 

Beat the heat with a free air cooler when you purchase a front load washing machine, and a Sanyo pressure cooker when you buy a Fully Automatic Washing Machine or a washing machine dryer. What could be a cooler deal than that! 

To avail of your freebies, just present a proof of purchase from the same store where you bought your items (except for the P3,000 subsidy for the wall-mounted air conditioning system, for which you will be referred to call the Haier hotline), within 60 days of your purchase. 

Find out more about this promo and other cool products, visit and like Haier Philippines’ Facebook page or call Haier's hotline at 1-800-8-9999999 for Globe subscribers, 1-800-10-9999999 for PLDT subscribers, or get in touch with the customer care center at (02) 883-9999.
Haier is a leading first-class brand of innovative home appliance products and services that creates value for consumers beyond their expectations. Haier is about inspiring Filipino homes to live life in a higher standard with more energy-efficient, user-friendly and environment-friendly home appliances – ‘Smarter Life, Better Planet’.

Ocular Visit at Balay Kalinaw, UP Diliman

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As preparations for my upcoming graduation celebration, my boyfriend and I went around looking for a nice but affordable events place. On top of our options is Balay Kalinaw/Ikeda Hall in UP Diliman. It's inside UP (where the graduation will be held), affordable (UP staff, faculty, students and alumni get discounts) and really nice-looking with its Filipiniana theme!

Balay Kalinaw is located along Guerrero Street, corner Dagohoy Street. Instructions on how to get there:

► From Philcoa/Commonwealth Avenue: Ride a jeepney with signboard UP CAMPUS. Ask the driver to drop you off at the waiting shed near ILANG-ILANG RESIDENCE HALL. It's best to remind the driver again after 5-7 minutes of traveling because some drivers forget to drop you off at your destination. At the waiting shed, if you're standing while facing the road, walk straight to your right. You'll pass by Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall. It's a very short walk and you'll easily spot Balaw Kalinaw. 
► From Katipunan: Enter UP Campus through Katipunan gate (beside GT Toyota Center). At the first intersection, turn right. Walk straight ahead (it's approximately a 5-minute walk) until you reach Dagohoy Street.

Even from the view outside, the establishment boasts of its classic/vintage look with its Filipiniana motif (and I immediately imagined my future house looking like this). Inside, you'll be welcomed by the warm reception area. The reservation attendants, with the special mention of Ms. Lielanie Rabonza, are very accommodating. The place really feels like an extension of your typical Filipino home - which is famous, worldwide, for its knack for genuine hospitality and generous smiles.

For those interested in making reservations, I would advise you set an ocular visit at least 2-3 weeks in advance because their facilities are almost always fully-booked a month ahead (and I wouldn't be surprised why this is so). On our part, when we got there, only two rooms were available for reservations for our desired date of event. We opted for the bigger one (which can hold 50-70 people). Here's what the Dining Room looks like:

The room includes the use of the following:
♦ tables and chairs good for 50-70 pax
♦ karaoke system with microphone
♦ electric fans
♦ balcony tables and chairs (with an astonishing and relaxing view of greens)
♦ ... and all these for the price of approximately Php 2,000 good for 3 hours! Great deal, yes? :)

Beforehand, I've already looked up Balaw Kalinaw over the internet and saw their rates which was updated sometime in 2012. So, when we visited Balay Kalinaw last June 13, 2015, I was surprised that their rates still reflect the 2012 rate. 

For reservations, you are required to pay a downpayment of 50% of the total bill. Here's what the reservation form looks like:

For inquiries and reservations, feel free to visit them or contact them at the following contact details:
Telephone/Fax No.: 920-48-43
Telephone Nos.: 426-1460 ; 926-80-44
E-mail Address: upbalay@hotmail.com

Although the conference halls/seminar/dining rooms are open for the reserved events as late as 10 in the evening (any day even on holidays and Sundays, depending on the reservations made), their office is available for inquiries and reservations only at the following operating hours:
Monday-Friday (8:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Saturday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm)
*No offices on Sundays.

COMELEC: New Voter's Registration Procedures

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Hurray for a productive day! After about a year of procrastinating my trip to the COMELEC, I've finally put up enough energy to fend off my laziness and delaying tactics, haha! I badly need to register myself as new voter because of two reasons: (1) it's almost October 31 (registration deadline for the May 2016 elections) and (2) voting is both a responsibility and privilege of every Filipino.

Since I'm residing in Quezon City, I headed to the Quezon City Hall where COMELEC has an office. From time to time, COMELEC sets up satellite registrations (servicing voters for 2-3 days) in barangay halls for the voters' convenience so it's best to be updated of your barangay's activities. My barangay had one set up sometime last summer but because of pure laziness, I wasn't able to register in their Satellite Office.
For starters, here's what you'll need to bring:
1.   Valid ID (see list of valid ID cards) and a photocopy of it (make sure that your signature, name, photo and address appear on the photocopy).
Image Source
* TIP: Photocopy your ID (back to back in one page) in a photocopying store near you because the photocopying service right in front of District 2 COMELEC Office (QC City Hall) charges way too much. I got my ID photocopied back to back (1 page) and it costed me Php 4!
For people residing in Quezon City, you may head to the COMELEC office inside the Quezon City Hall compound. Here are instructions to get there:

◙ If you're coming from Commonwealth Avenue area, ride any bus (EXCEPT for those bound to Quiapo) and alight in front of the NKTI Diagnostic Center (near Elliptical Road). There's a pedestrian lane right in front of NKTI. Walk to the other side and make sure you're in Mayaman Street (check the street post sign). Once in Mayaman St, walk straight - no worries since it's a short walk (2-3 minute of walking). Once you pass by the Quezon City Public Library, you're almost there. 
◙ Still from Commonwealth Ave area, you may also ride a jeepney with signboard KALAYAAN / ALIMALL. Get off at Gate 7. Once inside Gate 7, walk a bit and to your left you will see the HALL OF JUSTICE. Walk until you reach the back of the Hall of Justice. From there, it's fairly easy to spot the COMELEC offices.
◙ If you're coming from Cubao area/EDSA, ride a bus going to SM FAIRVIEW/TUNGKO. Get off at Mayaman Street, it's right after Heart Center (check the street post sign). Once in Mayaman St, walk straight - no worries since it's a short walk (2-3 minute of walking). Once you pass by the Quezon City Public Library, you're almost there. 

Take note though that COMELEC offices are set up according to districts. So it's best that you know to what district your barangay belongs to. In the case that you're not quite sure what your disctrict is, fret not because they've set up quite a lot of information bulletins. Anyhow, to view the complete list of Quezon City barangays and districts, go here.

It's fairly easy to register (even if you're a new voter) because there are step-by-step procedures posted conspicuously:

Step 1 and 2: Submit your photocopied ID in the window (seen below). They'll ask you questions like "First time mag-apply?", "Hindi ka pa registered sa kahit anong precinct?" Afterwards, they'll staple your photocopied ID together with 3 application forms. 

Step 3: Fill out all three (3) application forms. There are no tables around so bahala ka na dumiskarte kung paano ka magfi-fill. Haha. If you're worried that you might make mistakes, make sure to bring a correction tape/liquid because I'm not sure if they'll give you another copy. Once done, you'll need to submit your accomplished forms to the window directly beside (left) of the window (labeled with Step 1 and Step 2). The clerk in Step 3 window will check if you have accomplished your forms completely. Afterwards, s/he will write your Application Number and Precinct Number (found at the topmost part of the forms).

* T I P: You may actually opt out of manually filling up the forms by downloading and typing in the information in the application forms. You may download COMELEC's application forms here. (Print only the FIRST PAGE). For a complete list of COMELEC's downloadables, click here

* T I P: I've checked (red marks) all the areas that you need to fill out for your convenience:

STEP 4, 5 and 6: Once you already have your application number and precinct number (filled out by the clerk at Step 3 Window), go inside the glass doors (same area). Ask someone around and show that you have accomplished your forms. They will then direct you in front of a computer to have your photo, signature and thumbprints taken. After that, they will cut the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RECEIPT (bottom part of the application form) and give it to you. It is very important that you keep this because you'll need to show this when you vote.

Aaaaaaand, you're done! 
You're finally a registered voter! :)

♦ Photocopy your ID (back to back in one page) in a photocopying store near you because the photocopying service right in front of District 2 COMELEC Office (QC City Hall) charges way too much. I got my ID photocopied back to back (1 page) and it costed me Php 4!
♦ You may opt out of manually filling up the forms by downloading and typing in the information in the application forms. You may download COMELEC's application forms here. (Print only the FIRST PAGE). For a complete list of COMELEC's downloadables, click here
♦ The registration process is actually fast - dun ka lang matatagalan sa filling out of the three forms.
♦  Make sure to bring a black ballpen and correction tape/liquid.
♦ I went at the registration around lunch time, and there only a few people around (hence the fast registration process - took me only 20 minutes or less). The thing is, people tend to go to government offices way too early in the morning kaya marami kang kasabayan sa umaga. Come lunch or after lunch, konti na lang ang mga tao so that's the best time to go there. BUT, take note that voter registration for the May 2016 elections is only until October 31, 2015. So expect that as the deadline draws nearer, the volume of people will get higher.
♦ Based on my own experience, there's no need for you to bring a copy of your birth certificate (not sure if this applies to all cases and offices).


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If you're a Filipino and if you didn't grow up with the wide array of Lemon Square's delectable products, then you've clearly missed out a lot on your childhood. When I was still a wee tiny toddler, and long before I entered preschool, I was already on a Lemon Square diet. One of the staple items that was always on my mom's grocery list was any Lemon Square product either as a pambaon for school or as merienda at home.
Now, when I got to high school, instead of the usual Lemon Square snack cakes (of which Cheese Cake was my all-time favorite up till now) that my mom buys, I was thrilled to find a new addition to my mom's grocery list: Lemon Square Inipit. Being the bulilit that I was, my curiosity was piqued by this rectangular sandwich cakes. According to my mom, this was Lemon Square's version of Bulacan's famous delicacy called inipit, named as such because the filling is "pressed" between two slices of sponge cake.

Inipit's Birthplace
Image Source
Now, as a soon-to-graduate student taking up BEEd Communication Arts in English, part of our coursework is community service. For this requirement, I teach literacy as a volunteer teacher in a small community here in the metro. Part of our community service is to bring merienda for the children to munch on after each session in the afternoon. And one of those go-to and fail-safe merienda choice that the children will truly love is, of course, Lemon Square's Inipit!

I bet you didn't know this, but eating Inipit the plain old way (putting it straight to your mouth right after unwrapping it) is just one of the many, many ways that you can enjoy this snack because there's no limit with Inipit! I think this easy-to-memorize phrase was inspired by a child's limitless imagination for just about anything! So, using my imagination (which is still pretty limitless considering that I'm still a kid-at-heart), I'm going to share with you a no limit recipe* using Lemon Square's Inipit. This'll surely make you feel like a bulilit again! 

Classic Inipit Chocolate Fudge Cake
   8 bars of Lemon Square Inipit Chocolate
   12 oz chocolate bars, chopped
   2 cups whipping cream
   1/2 cup sour cream
   1/2 tsp vanilla extract
   pinch of salt

♦  Arrange 8 bars of Lemon Square Inipit Chocolate into a rectangular-shaped cake.
♦  Meanwhile, mix chopped chocolate bars and whipping cream into a metal bowl. Place metal bowl on top of a pot with boiling water. Stir occasionally and gently until the chocolate bars have melted and until you achieve a mixture with smooth consistency.
♦  Once all the chocolates have melted, remove from heat and whisk in the sour cream, vanilla extract and salt.
♦  Continue whisking occasionally until the mixture is cooled down to room temperature.
♦  Spread the mixture evenly on the Inipit cake (you've prepared earlier). Chill before serving.

Voila! You now have your very own chocolate fudge cake made with Lemon Square Inipit combined with a bit of imagination!

Sarap maging kid with Inipit!

Got your own #NoLimitWithInipit recipe? Share it thru a blog post or Instagram post and you just might win baking tools and Lemon Square products! To know more about this, visit Nuffnang's page here.

*Recipe adapted from here.