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Roby is the pawprint-stamped author of (you guessed it) Pawprint Stamped. In reality, she doesn't have any pawprint marks anywhere on her 5-feet tall body, but, without a doubt, her heart will forever hold the pawprints of all the dogs she loved: those whom she shared her home with, met on her way, read from a book, watched on the screen, and said hello to in her dreams. 

She is a big introvert. Accordingly, she likes having an air of secrecy around her and so, tries her hardest to keep her privacy in the (very) public virtual world as private as it can be. She loves reading books, but not the recurring headaches from reading marathons nor the thick eyeglasses that resulted from it. So much was her love for anything literature that during her college freshman year, she majored in English Studies (with focus on Language) but soon realized that the deafening silence and the unnatural coldness that comes with the excessive professionalism of her college didn't suit her well. She then shifted to Communication Arts in English, an Elementary Education course offered at the College of Education from the same university. There, she rekindled a forgotten love for the first genre of books she was introduced to: children's books. Right now, she enjoys her newfound passion -- teaching! She currently teaches grade schoolers in a private all-girls school in her hometown (Quezon City).

Other than reading, she also finds solace in the company of dogs. During the (re)birth of this blog, she's accompanied by two lovable doggos: Pochie and Barack. At present, along with Barack (who has wonderfully aged through the years), her family is also enjoying the company of PJ (Pochie Junior), Husky, and Nobita. My family enjoy the company of these lovable aspins (asong pinoy and not asong kalye).  
Named after the pink chewable candy, though spelled differently.
He can be sweet when he wants to, but he can get a little nasty sometimes.
(My beloved Pochie passed away last February 2015. Through this blog, let it be known that he will always have his paw prints stamped on the hearts of those who love him and those whom he loved.)
Yep, he's named after the American president.
The year that we got him was the year that Obama won the presidency.

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Jin Yu
October 8, 2015 at 3:05:00 PM GMT+8 delete

Tell me more. haha. joke. :D

Roby D
October 8, 2015 at 3:38:00 PM GMT+8 delete

Will update this part soon! Thanks for dropping by Jin Yu! :)