Volunteer for PAWS

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Image from Philippine Animal Welfare Society's Facebook Page

Share your talent, skill and passion for the animals. Volunteer for PAWS. 

WHEN: February 6, 2016 (Saturday), 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM 
WHERE: PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC), Aurora Blvd. Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights Quezon City. 

1. Please hand carry your accomplished volunteer application form to the PARC (during office hours of 10am-12nn, 1pm-5pm, Mon to Sat except holidays), ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 30. 

By personally submitting your volunteer application form to us, you will a) know where PARC is so you won't get lost or be late on the day of the orientation, b) be reminded of the things to bring at the orientation by our office personnel who will be accepting your application, and c) you can see what assignment can best suit you. 

Only interested volunteers who live outside Metro Manila may send their volunteer application forms through courier or snail mail to: 

Philippine Animal Welfare Society 
87 Small Horseshoe Drive, 
Horseshoe Village, 
New Manila, Quezon City 1112 
(NOTE: This is only a mailing address so please make sure it reaches us BEFORE January 30.) 

Please download and print the volunteer application form (http://www.paws.org.ph/uploads/2/1/2/7/21275318/volunteer_application_form%282%29.pdf) on 1 sheet of paper only (back to back) as we are saving on filing space. 

Please do not email or fax your volunteer application forms -- these will not be accepted. 

2. Please bring P50 for the photocopied materials on the day of the orientation. 

3. Please bring 1 tall can of cat food or dog food as a donation for our shelter animals ("orientation fee") on the day of the orientation. 

4. Please bring your own snack and/or drinking water as there are no food stores in the area. 

5. PLEASE BE ON TIME. Those who come in late (after 10am) and leave early (before 1:30pm) for the orientation shall be asked to attend the next orientation so that they get complete information on the policies for volunteers and Shelter rules. 

Volunteers must be prepared to render at least eight (8) hours a month doing work at the shelter or outside the shelter for animal welfare to be in our active volunteer database. Those who will not be able to render 8 hours of volunteer work a month need not apply as volunteers. They can be Supporting Members instead and click on the monthly donation button at http://www.paws.org.ph/be-a-supporting-member.html. Supporting members are also considered active volunteers and receive monthly updates from PAWS via e-mail. Please consider being a Supporting Member. Supporting members give monthly financial support to help keep the shelter running. 

For more information on volunteering and what you can do to help, click here: http://www.paws.org.ph/volunteering.html 

For directions and commuting tips: http://parc.mefindhome.org/ 

For those asking for a PAWS in their province or area, please read the FAQ on PAWS branches: http://www.paws.org.ph/are-there-paws-branches.html 

For those who cannot attend the upcoming orientation but would still want to volunteer, please read: http://pawsphilippines.weebly.com/volunteer-how-do-i-become-a-paws-volunteer--im-not-from-manila-how-can-i-volunteer--can-kids-volunteer.html 

For further questions, please read the above links and check the FAQs before posting or before emailing. By doing so, you are being PROACTIVE (a quality we look for in a volunteer) and actually help us help the animals by enabling us to attend to more urgent concerns instead of answering questions that may have already been posted. 

Thank you for wanting to help us in our work for the animals. 

PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) 
Aurora Blvd., Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights Q.C. 
Office hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 10am-12nn, 1pm-5pm, closed to the public on Sundays and Holidays 
Tel #: 475-1688 (only during office hours) 
Email: philpaws@paws.org.ph

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/events/1529991480650964/ (PAWS' Facebook events)

Contest Alert: Win Up To Php 250,000 When You Join The 2015 ASUS Creative Commercial Contest

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Image from ASUS Philippines Facebook Page
A total prize of USD 15,500 is awaiting the new Asia Commercial Star when you join the 2015 ASUS Creative Commercial Contest! Just submit a creative commercial video (maximum 3 minutes in length) using the theme of ASUS' slogan: In Search of Incredible or featuring any ASUS product.

Image from ASUS.com
Online registration and submission of entries is from October 12, 2015 to December 15, 2015. Online voting starts on December 22, 2015 and ends on January 5, 2016.

To join, contestants must be senior high school students, undergraduate students, or graduate students in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong / Macau, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. Contestants from different schools can form a team with no restraints on the number or age of students in each team. For more details (specifications for the commercial video, scoring matrix and prizes), please click here.

Contest Alert: Create Your Own ZenLooks Cover Design

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Image from ASUS Philippines' Facebook Page
Get a chance to win a brand new ASUS ZenFone 2, a limited edition Zenfone 2 case by  CutiePieMarzia and a chance to have your design printed as the limited edition ZenFone 2 case when you join ASUS Philippines' ZenLooks cover design contest!
Image from ASUS Philippines' Facebook Page
To join, like ASUS Philippines on Facebook, and go to https://asuscampaign.com/zenlooks/ph/ or click on the ZenLooks - ASUS tab which can be found below ASUS Philippines' cover photo. For the steps, make a cover design for ZenFone 2 that is inspired by your local culture, upload your original work (STEP 1), apply effects if needed (STEP 2) and submit (STEP 3). They're already on their last week so make sure to submit your work on or before December 6, 2015!

Name Three Things: Volume 2 (December 2015)

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Well what do you know, my laziness kicked in again so I wasn't able to follow through the first volume of this monthly blog series slated for November -__- But on the brighter side, it didn't take me monthsss to update! Haha.

  1. I honestly want to stop eating pork, beef and chicken meat because I always feel guilty about eating them :( I just.. you know, I can't stop being tempted to eat meat every now and then. For the meantime, I try to lessen my meat consumption to only twice a week and I do try to search for meat sellers/providers that strictly follow animal-welfare standards.
  2. Whenever I have trouble sleeping (which is basically almost everyday), I sleep anywhere except on my bed. For at least 3 days, I would sleep on my parents' bed, on our sofa, or on our folding bed so that my bed feels "new" when I sleep on it again. This is a simple trick I do to fight my insomnia. If you're experiencing insomnia as well, you might want to try this trick because it works 90% of the time for me!
  3. I've stopped using drinking straws ever since I saw that video of a turtle who has a straw stuck in its nose. The turtle got infections from it and it really struck me how wastes produced by humans really DO contribute to other living things' misery :( Since then, I've vowed to stop using straws and have invited my family and closest friends to do same. Although this decision of mine looks pretty small to really make a change, I do hope that in the near future, the demand for non-reusable and non-biodegradable materials (like straws) will significantly decrease.
*This blog series is entitled as such because on this posts, I write three random things about me.