#VPartySeries Midnight Mysteries: Can You Survive The Night?

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Mark your calendars for November 7, 2015 and get ready for the ultimate Halloween event of the year! FOX International Channels and Victoria Court are partnering up with Breakout Philippines, the country’s premiere escape room game, to bring you an immersive horror experience like no other!

Ever since 2014, Breakout has been providing a unique experience to thousands of players by trapping them in different themed rooms for 45 minutes. They are given an interactive game where players have to team up to find clues and solve logic puzzles based on various story lines. Participants are encouraged to PLAN as a team, SOLVE puzzles collaboratively in order to ESCAPE before time expires. 

This Halloween season, the game is about to change as it is no longer enough to BREAKOUT… you must now also SURVIVE! You and your friends will be trapped in a room and will have 45 minutes to try and survive the horror set before you. 

There will be scare actors that will enter and exit the room as they please. Some will be nice and try to help you by giving you clues, while some… are not. Be prepared as they invade your personal space, tell you bone chilling stories, separate you from your friends and sometimes, even leave you alone in the dark. Be ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone. 

This is still a BREAKOUT event so there is still puzzle solving involved. You will still choose among the 5 Super-thematic Rooms of Victoria Court Malate, which will determine the style of the overall puzzle you will have to solve: 

1.  The Asgard Room

2.  The Casino Royale Room

3.  The Bat Cave Room

 4.  The Candy Land Room

5. The Marrakesh (Sex in the City) Room 

If the scares get too extreme for you, there is a safe word… screaming “I want my Mommy” will signal our actors to back off and bring you back to your friends. Though be warned, doing so will forfeit the clue you may receive by surviving the scare. Missing out on 1 clue won’t make it impossible to solve the puzzle, but it will make it very difficult. So wear your brown pants and as much as you can, brave up! 

To add up to the scare, there will be a free fear flicks marathon happening at the Victoria Court grounds from 6 PM until 12 PM. 

The breakout rooms have limited slots, so be sure to register now through www.breakout.com.ph

You can also visit Victoria Court’s Facebook page (facebook.com/VictoriaCourtPH) or follow their Twitter and Instagram (@victoriacourtVC) for more updates about this event.

 Prepare yourselves for a scare that you won’t forget. 
See you there!

Name Three Things: Volume 1 (October 2015)

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Yey! So I'm starting this blog label/tag called NAME THREE THINGS as a way for readers to get to know me better. I'll be updating this tag every once in a month. Here's to hoping that my readers will know me better and that I'll be diligent in updating this blog label! :)

  1. I don't like using pens with points bigger than 0.5. I'm not picky with pen brands, as long as the ballpoint is equal to or smaller than 0.5. My go-to pen would always be Faber Castell pens. They're pretty affordable (price per pen is less than Php 10) and they're among the rare species of pens which you can use until the ink is literally naghihingalo na. Like, you can really see that the ink is exhausted and they're not the "sensitive" type of pen (yung tipong malaglag mo lang, ayaw nang tuminta).
  2. All my books are meticulously plastic-wrapped by me. Meticulously because I always, always make sure that the plastic cover meet at a 90-degree angle before putting the adhesive tape. And no, I don't fold the plastic cover in such a way that it will form a triangular shape inside the book's cover (which, I assume, is the usual way of covering a book).
  3. Whenever I brush my teeth, I would always use drinking water for the last gargle. And I don't know why, how or when I've acquired this habit.

New Blog Template!

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Hey! After 9483275 months, I've finally come across a blog template that I love! Hope you love it too. Here's how my previous blog template looked like:

REVIEW: Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake

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Because October 23 was my last day as a substitute grade school teacher, my fellow teachers surprised me with the sweetest surprise possible: breakfast, lunch and merienda meals coupled with anything sweet! They know that I'm a BIG fan of sweet treats so for breakfast, they made sure to include a hot chocolate drink (I'm the only non-coffee drinker in our faculty room). They partnered my high blood-inducing lunch (kare-kare and lechon paksiw) with a vanilla sundae and come afternoon, they gifted me with lots of various chocolate bars, chocolate chips, donuts and a chocolate cake! Talk about sweet colleagues! Now, among these sweet surprises, the one that I liked the best is Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake. When my Area Coordinator gave it to me, she told me that I should try it right away because "It's the best chocolate cake you'll ever taste!" It's hard not to believe her because I would totally trust her word on anything about food and because of the promise of this Reason to Believe (RTB - a term used in marketing) stamp on the box:

It has a very minimalist and simple packaging (which I totally dig): a brown carton box sealed with a green ribbon. Aside from the RTB stamp on the upper left corner, you'll also see the brand's logo on the lower right hand corner of the box.

Okay, so enough with the packaging, we can't eat that anyway, right? Let's take a peek inside the box where all the excitement is!

If you'll ask me, the cake's presentation is not that exciting to look at. Personally, it looks too simple to a fault. This is just my personal opinion though. Or it's probably because the mocha lines on top seems out of place, idk. (Yes, those are mocha, not caramel as I've first guessed.)

Getting a slice out of the cake, I was surprised that it has mocha filling inside! I'm not a fan of mocha because its taste is really close to that of coffee's (and I don't like coffee) but for non-coffee lovers like me, the mocha filling was really rich with the consistency of a ganache. What's more, the taste reminds me of my favorite childhood sweet treat: yema! One bite of the cake had me going super kilig! The cake was not that spongy and airy, the icing was so rich that you'll want it to stay in your mouth, the sweetness was just right, and I could go on and on and oooon but to cut it short: it really is the best chocolate cake I ever tasted!

If you like to have your own bite of the multi-awarded chocolate cake, you could get your own at the 4/F of Robinsons Galleria! Yuuuuum!

5 Occasions That Call For Food Delivery

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Food delivery has been around since time immemorial. Tracing it back to its beginning is very nearly impossible but some accounts say that this glorious moment in food history started circa 10,000 BC, when a prehistoric man (probably tired of hunting for his own food) dreamed of having a bison delivered to his home (wherever his home was currently located at that time, since prehistoric men were nomadic). The cave painting, entitled Delivery Warrior with Bison is widely accepted as the first record of man's attempt at take-out service, which thus paved the way for the invention of food delivery. [Adapted from Food Delivery-The Early Years

Delivery Warrior with Bison
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Since then, food delivery has always been, and will always be, a part of our food culture. I mean, why shouldn't it be? After all, food delivery is one of the reasons why we're all still sane in this mad, mad world, right? So read on and check out my top five occasions that call for (and was saved by) food delivery!

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Who doesn't get busy from time to time? Who doesn't cram and finish a month's worth of workload in one night? Who doesn't procrastinate? Who doesn't get so heartbroken that he/she has to drown him/herself in so much work? Heck, even bummers get busy, trying to destroy their eyes finishing a TV series in one sitting or finishing a book in one sitting. Now, for addressing the questions I've mentioned, I'd like to raise both of my hands for the people behind the idea of food delivery. They are sensitive and unselfish human beings who absolutely understand that sometimes, we (the busy people of this generation) simply cannot cook food nor wait in line to buy food all the time so they've invented the concept of food delivery!  

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I'm a self-confessed introvert, hence, this blog has helped me a lot in putting into words (albeit not spoken) all the stories that I can't share personally. Part of being an introvert is the constant fear of going outside my comfort zone (read: house) and experiencing extreme paranoia over the prospect of meeting and actually having to talk to people. So imagine just how much anxiety and paranoia we introverts experience just so we could feed ourselves. I get so conscious whenever I feel like I'm taking so long while ordering at a restaurant. I also feel my self-esteem going down the minute I see a menu whose list of meals sound so alien and I have no choice but to resort to pointing out the meals I'll order. And lastly, when I think I've finally chosen a restaurant but gets out of that restaurant anyway, I don't want people to think of me as some poor kid who either: doesn't have enough money to pay for what's on the menu OR is just so bad at making decisions. I know, I know.. they're busy minding their own food so why would they even notice me? The introvert me doesn't know the answer either.

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Don't you just hate it when you're in a restaurant and you can't eat to your heart's (or tummy's) content because people judge you by your eating habits? Right? So, don't you just love it when you're at home.. eating all your favorite food in servings that is specially suited for your appetite.. while you're in your comfiest pambahay attire.. and doing all those "unique" eating obsessions (putting loads of pickles on your hotdog sandwich, turning gravy into a soup and putting in a sinful amount of cheese in whatever meal you have, etc)? 

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Isn't it so disappointing, not to mention depressing, when you go scouring for food in your kitchen or in every secret stash you have but find nothing? You do try to remedy this tragedy by cooking something, only to find out that you've exhausted and transformed whatever morsel of food that's left into a cooking disaster. Not only do you feel defeated but you also feel as if your tummy is starting a revolution against you for not taking care of it when it trusted you! 

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Filipino hospitality is definitely something that would immediately pop into your mind if you're asked about a Filipino value that you're proud of. To be fair though, I've never been to a house of a non-Filipino citizen so I don't have anything to compare it with. But, I'm pretty sure that at least once in your life, you've heard, read and watched about how Filipinos would go to great lengths just to show their hospitality to any guests coming over their house. Although some say that pagyayabang is sometimes mistaken for hospitality, still, the important thing is, guests are entertained. Usually, if the host knows that a guest is coming over, preparations are made at least a day before (the best chinaware are unearthed from the baul and polished to shining perfection, the house is rid of any form of dirt, and list goes on). Someone (unlucky) would have to wake up even before the break of dawn just to be able to get the freshest of the produce from the wet market. Everything goes smoothly when you know that someone will be coming over... but what if it's an unexpected visit? Lucky for us, food delivery found its way to the Philippines!

Now, these five occasions can easily turn into one nightmare after another, but the trick to solving these would-be tragedies is to keep calm, and remember that there's a panda that we can always trust when it comes to our food delivery needs!
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Founded in 2012, the foodpanda group is a global online food ordering marketplace where people can discover, choose and order from the widest gastronomic range available around their neighbourhood – online or from the mobile app. It is now operating in over 40 countries across five continents, including the Philippines. (Source)

How does FOODPANDA work?

1. SEARCH: With over 1,000 restaurants to choose from, I'm pretty sure that you'll find something that will surely satiate your hunger! Whether you use the website or the mobile app, you can tweak this amazing tool and put in your current location to assure that you'll have your food in no time!

2. CHOOSE: Whether you're in the mood for Italian or American food, whether you're a practicing vegetarian or not, foodpanda got your food needs! Simply use the filter and you're on your way to a hassle-free and easy-peasy way of getting your food just the way you want it to!

3. PAY: With foodpanda, you have payment options that are both safe and convenient. You can pay via cash on delivery, online or via Paypal, GCash, Bancnet or SmartMoney. What's more, you can also get discounts by simply signing up for foodpanda!

4. ENJOY: Last, but definitely not the least, enjoy! You earned every fat/pound/kilogram bite/slurp/gulp of that food you ordered! So, hop in to your favorite pambahay clothes, munch your way to your tummy's content, and rejoice for another reason why food delivery is the best: no dishes to wash!

If you suddenly felt hungry after reading this post, or if you simply just want to eat (hey, no judgments), then visit foodpanda's website here or download their mobile app and start ordering:

Also, don't forget to stay connected and be updated with foodpanda's latest offers and promos by following and/or liking them on their  social media accounts: