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If you're a Filipino and if you didn't grow up with the wide array of Lemon Square's delectable products, then you've clearly missed out a lot on your childhood. When I was still a wee tiny toddler, and long before I entered preschool, I was already on a Lemon Square diet. One of the staple items that was always on my mom's grocery list was any Lemon Square product either as a pambaon for school or as merienda at home.
Now, when I got to high school, instead of the usual Lemon Square snack cakes (of which Cheese Cake was my all-time favorite up till now) that my mom buys, I was thrilled to find a new addition to my mom's grocery list: Lemon Square Inipit. Being the bulilit that I was, my curiosity was piqued by this rectangular sandwich cakes. According to my mom, this was Lemon Square's version of Bulacan's famous delicacy called inipit, named as such because the filling is "pressed" between two slices of sponge cake.

Inipit's Birthplace
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Now, as a soon-to-graduate student taking up BEEd Communication Arts in English, part of our coursework is community service. For this requirement, I teach literacy as a volunteer teacher in a small community here in the metro. Part of our community service is to bring merienda for the children to munch on after each session in the afternoon. And one of those go-to and fail-safe merienda choice that the children will truly love is, of course, Lemon Square's Inipit!

I bet you didn't know this, but eating Inipit the plain old way (putting it straight to your mouth right after unwrapping it) is just one of the many, many ways that you can enjoy this snack because there's no limit with Inipit! I think this easy-to-memorize phrase was inspired by a child's limitless imagination for just about anything! So, using my imagination (which is still pretty limitless considering that I'm still a kid-at-heart), I'm going to share with you a no limit recipe* using Lemon Square's Inipit. This'll surely make you feel like a bulilit again! 

Classic Inipit Chocolate Fudge Cake
   8 bars of Lemon Square Inipit Chocolate
   12 oz chocolate bars, chopped
   2 cups whipping cream
   1/2 cup sour cream
   1/2 tsp vanilla extract
   pinch of salt

♦  Arrange 8 bars of Lemon Square Inipit Chocolate into a rectangular-shaped cake.
♦  Meanwhile, mix chopped chocolate bars and whipping cream into a metal bowl. Place metal bowl on top of a pot with boiling water. Stir occasionally and gently until the chocolate bars have melted and until you achieve a mixture with smooth consistency.
♦  Once all the chocolates have melted, remove from heat and whisk in the sour cream, vanilla extract and salt.
♦  Continue whisking occasionally until the mixture is cooled down to room temperature.
♦  Spread the mixture evenly on the Inipit cake (you've prepared earlier). Chill before serving.

Voila! You now have your very own chocolate fudge cake made with Lemon Square Inipit combined with a bit of imagination!

Sarap maging kid with Inipit!

Got your own #NoLimitWithInipit recipe? Share it thru a blog post or Instagram post and you just might win baking tools and Lemon Square products! To know more about this, visit Nuffnang's page here.

*Recipe adapted from here.