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Beebopsss! Since I'm just sooo happy that my blog is now alive and kicking, I'm happy to announce that I'll be hosting my first ever blog give away! Yeeey! Haha. So, what's up for grabs? *enter drum roll*
I'll be giving away a pair of movie tickets to one lucky reader! 
Details are as follows:

  • There will only be ONE (1) winner who'll get a pair (2) of movie tickets. 
  • Tickets are for the following movies only: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pacific Rim, The Expendables 3, Lucy, Rurouni Kenshin 2, Sex Tape, Talk Back and You're Dead, Planes 2 and Somebody to Love.
  • Winner will choose only 1 movie among the movie choices given.
  • Winner will watch his/her preferred movie either on August 30 or August 31 at only.
  • Winner will watch his/her preferred movie at Trinoma Mall only.
  • Winner will choose among the available screening times of their preferred movie.
Join my first ever blog giveaway via the Rafflecopter platform shown below to validate your entries. Don't forget to comment below your movie choice!

Let your voice be heard via DISQUS!

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Yeeeey! I've recently added my blog to my Disqus account. With this widget, readers will now have a more convenient way of posting their comments :)

So what exactly is Disqus? 
Disqus, Inc. is a blog comment hosting service for Web sites and online communities that uses a networked platform. (Info Source) You can comment using your existing social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Google.

I've decided to include Disqus in my blog since I've noticed that only a few people have a Google account, which is what you need if you want to comment on a blog hosted by Blogger. Want one on your blog too? Simply follow these easy steps! :)

1.  Open Disqus' website and click "Add Disqus to Your Site".

2.  Sign up.

3.  Fill out your blog's profile.

4.  Choose your platform. Note: The steps listed are for Blogger users.

5.  Then, follow the Setup Instructions for Blogger. :) It's as easy as that!

** You don't have to worry about your published comments being erased since Disqus has this awesome option to import your existing Blogger comments. Great ano? :)

Creative Nonfiction Class: First Exercise

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At the end of our first meeting in my Creative Writing class, our prof gave us an assignment:
  • Write the opposite concept of the following words: cake, kiss, train, green and wall. Explain each in one sentence.
  • Use any of the following in a 100-word essay: a ringing phone, a broken/unmoving clock, a sealed envelope, a pet, an unidentifiable sound, a boy in sneakers.
  • Write the City in 100 words.
I find this exercise really interesting and exciting. I think this exercise is not graded, it's a sort of a diagnostic test to gauge our writing skills. 

Here's what I submitted for this exercise, what do you guys think? :)

·      kiss : pass by – To kiss someone requires physical contact and sentiments of
                                some sort while to pass by someone doesn’t require any.
·      green : gray – Green equates to life while gray, for me, is anything lifeless.
·      train : unimaginative mind - Trains transport you to places; an unimaginative
                                                        mind does not.
·      cake : sad faces – Cakes are must-haves in just about any kind of celebration
                 while sad faces are definitely what you shouldn’t bring in celebrations.
·      wall : road – Roads were made to enable movement from one place to another;
                            whereas walls were made as a means to block something.

A Broken Clock

I’m walking along this familiar street again, known to me ever since my first memory of walking beyond the limits of our house gate. On this particular morning, on my way to a nearby sari-sari store, I passed by a familiar looking child, holding a broken wall clock while rummaging the insides of a neighbor’s garbage can. Minutes later, on my way back home, I saw people crowding around the place where the child has been. I learned soon enough that the child died, hit by a stray bullet. Now, it’s been three months since I’ve last walked that street.


As the jeepney drove along the infamous killer high way, I see men in blue stopping a speeding bus, alternating views of greens and man-made structures, and people pushing each other, racing for their ride back home. I hear barkers shouting their throats out in exchange for some spare change, and the repetitive chants of “Litex, Manggahan, Ever”. I smell the day’s worth of work from me and from my fellow riders inside the jeepney. Back home, I run my finger along the dust on our car’s window. I resist the urge to scrawl my name on the city’s dirt. 

Last CAL Class

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Emote habang naghihintay. Haha.

This is hopefully the last class in CAL that I will be taking in my senior year. You see, I personally don't like going to CAL (too much bad memories, read: bitterness HAHA!). Aside from it being too far from my college (where all my other subjects are held), CAL's rooms are just way too hot to handle, nakaka-suffocate, para kaming pinupugon. -_- 

My techie classmates :)

I'm taking a course in Creative Nonfiction, my second Creative Writing class. I'm really looking forward to this class, since I know na medyo fail pa rin ako when it comes to writing anything creatively. I tend to always go for the cliche (hindi ko magawa yung something sa taas ng 'e' huhu), which is just so bad, especially in Creative Writing classes. I always plan big for any write-ups I'm about to make, but usually, I don't write until the night before the deadline so ayon, failure ang resulting write-up. So hopefully, with my last class in CAL, I'll be a better writer :))


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A quick post before I attend to my acad work:

I think it's very timely that I see this medyo patama word play of my name: Rob-be-lean. I've reached my heaviest weight this year, and uhmmm, I think I'm getting fatter and unhealthy by the minute. Huhuhu. Long vacant periods and the stone's throw away canteen from my college sure did contributed a lot to my achieving this round bodeeeh, hahaha.

So, I've been planning for weeks now how to get started on my #RobBeLeanChallenge. I badly need to be fit in time for my graduation photos (hopefully happening with God's grace), which will be taken before the year ends. I need to lose 12 kg, sheeet. Haha.

Here's my workout plan:
  • Everyday: 
  1. Bike for 30 minutes
  2. Alternate walk-jog-run for 30 minutes
  • Every other day:
  1. Play badminton for at least 30 minutes
  2. Zumba for 30 minutes
Here's my diet plan:
  • I'm a self-confessed heavy and moody eater, so I'm trying to set realistic goals for myself haha. Here goes:
  1. Eat heavy breakfast anytime between 6:00 am - 9:00 am
  2. Eat lunch (no rice) anytime between 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
  3. Eat my merienda (fruits if possible) anytime between 3:30pm - 5:30 pm
That's it. I plan not to eat beyond 5:30 pm, because I usually sleep naman agad when I get home from school. I'll keep you updated every 18th of the succeeding months. I do hope I'll be able to follow this routine. Hihi!

Seems like the Oval is taunting me to jog, haha!

Cadbury Sweet Endings

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 Q: How do you know if a movie is any good?
A: If a character that knows only three words can make you cry.  
If you want to know the story behind this Q&A, and if you want to find out if three words could really make you cry, then better head on to the cinemas and watch the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. That's exactly what my barkada and I did as we spent our sweetest ending for July. My Cadbury barkada's sweet ending started with an equally sweet announcement from Nuffnang, telling us that our barkada won three movie passes to the special block screening of Guardians of the Galaxy. Wohoooo! A great way to begin this sweet ending, right? :)

Image from Nuffnang's Facebook Page

With only less than a week before classes resume, we sure wouldn't miss this opportunity to end July  (and our 4-month long vacation) the sweetest way possible! So upon learning that our barkada were among those who will be joining Nuffnang to the movie screening, we confirmed our attendance right away! :)

The special movie screening at the Cinema 2 of Shang Cineplex

This special movie screening was held at the Cinema 2 of Shang Cineplex, EDSA Shangri-La Mall. We arrived at the venue 5 minutes early (registration starts at 8:40 in the evening) but the Nuffnang staff were already accommodating registrants, yey! At the registration, we just had to look for our names in their list and afterwards, we can choose for our movie seats (we really went early because early birds get to choose nicer seats). We also got food stubs to go along this great movie experience! How sweet is that? :)

Registration at the Nuffnang booth
My Cadbury barkada's tickets and food stubs :)

After registration at the Nuffnang booth, we then proceeded to the Cadbury booth where we filled up raffle coupons (they were raffling off a brand new IPad Mini! o_o). We don't have to wait for the IPad Mini raffle because we're already winners at the Cadbury booth! We just had to draw from their box and we could instantly win either a Cadbury Notepad or a Cadbury Notebook. All three of us in our barkada won Cadbury Notepads (that looked like Big Cadbury bars haha!). We could also have our photos printed out for free, we just had to post them via Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtag #CadburySweetEndings. We got our printed photos after the movie. :))

Cadbury Booth (Left Side)

Our Cadbury Notepads - at first glance, they look like big Cadbury bars no?
Got our photos printed out here for free! :)

Before we entered the cinema, we claimed our popcorn and drinks using our food stubs. All of us in our barkada went for our all-time favorites: cheese-flavored popcorn and lemonade. Inside the cinema, we noticed that most of the audience are already munching on their popcorns, so we were tempted to do the same, haha! I guess there won't be any popcorns left for the actual movie huhu. 

Image from Nuffnang's Facebook Page

Our cheese-flavored popcorn: they didn't even make it to the trailers :(

Relate? :)

While waiting for the movie, we busied ourselves by watching the newest and sweetest Cadbury commercial while at the same time commenting on just how cute the commercial is. Aside from having a severe LSS from the commercial song *baby, baby, baby heaven sent you*, all three of us are now girl crushing over the very beautiful girl in the commercial. Naging instant stalkers pa kami, haha! The commercial was still playing pa nga as we were welcomed warmly by the newest Talent Executive for Nuffnang Philippines. *They showed us how to enjoy our Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates the proper way:  
  1. RIP the exquisite royal purple and gold packaging. See the perfectly shaped mounds of chocolate with a smooth satin shine. The look of delicious chocolate. Smell the aroma. Imagine what it would taste like - and you know it will be good too.

  2. Then you BITE into it. Listen for that satisfying snap.

  3. Here comes the most awaited part: You savor it and let it MMM-MELT. Don't ruin the experience by chewing and swallowing immediately. Let it roll over your tounge. Delight as the creamy taste washes over your mouth.

  4. Then you ENJOY by repeating the ritual: Bite and MMM-Melt, Bite and MMM-Melt. Until the world MMM-Melts around you and you remember that all good things in life must really be savored.
A quick demo on how to enjoy Cadbury Dairy Milk the proper way. Takam na takam si Kuya, ano? :)
Image from Nuffnang's Facebook Page
Not sure if you've been eating Cadbury's the right way? Here's something to help you!
Image provided by Nuffnang via Cadbury's Press Kit

After the quick demonstration of eating and enjoying chocolates the right way, they also had a quick game. I wanted to join the game so badly but my two friends were too shy huhu. The three groups of barkadas got to showcase their teamwork skills and brain prowess, haha! The questions were as follows: (1) How many members comprise the Guardians of the Galaxy, (2) How do you eat Cadbury chocolates the proper way and (3) Name three movies that feature barkadas. The questions were pretty easy right? So when I learned that all three of the participating barkadas will go back to their seats with premium Cadbury items and gift certificates, I bombarded my two barkada's with endless chants of: "SAYAAAAAAAAANG! KAYO KASI EEEH!" Huhuhu. The winner of the brand new Ipad Mini was also announced - there were only 25 entries! The kuya who won the prize is really one lucky guy :) But, I was not that jealous and sad because before the movie started, the super kulit Cadbury representative promised each of us a box of Cadbury premium items! Yeheeeeey! If that's not the sweetest ending for you, I don't know what is :3

Quick game before the movie :)
Image from Nuffnang's Facebook Page

After the movie, as promised, each of us were given a gift box containing Cadbury items. This was also a great time to take photos in front of the GotG's promotional poster at the lobby. There were so many people trying to take their photos that we had to line up! And my two friends were so excited and going gaga because they saw a lot of personalities that night. If only we were brave enough, we could have had a photo opp with some personalities that night, no? :)

Image from Nuffnang's Facebook Page
Wouldn't miss a photo opp with the newest Marvel heroes :)

My krung krung barkada :)

My dad's epic "pogi" pose
Thanks for the sweet note Cadbury!

Gift box from Cadbury

Inside the gift box :)
With an ending for July as sweet as Cadbury Dairy Milk, I sure will be welcoming August with a smooth start! :)
Once you've watched this awesome movie (my best Marvel movie so far), check out this link. You can thank me later :"> Here's a sneak preview of what's the link all about:

Image Source

*As if this movie treat and a box of delicious barsss of chocolates aren't enough for a sweet ending, Cadbury Dairy Milk also gives other barkadas a chance to enjoy many more sweet endings. The brand has exciting tie-ups with McDonald's, Bon Chon Chicken and KFC so that you not only get to enjoy a delicious meal because it's capped off with the smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk. 

Your barkada can also join the #CadburySweetEndings promo. This promo is open to followers of Cadbury Dairy Milk Philippines on Facebook and Instagram and runs from July 28, 2014 to September 21, 2014. Just upload a photo of yourself and your barkada inspired by the bi-weekly themes provided on Cadbury's Facebook Page. Upload it either on Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #CadburySweetEndings.Winning photos will be chosen based on creativity, originality and likes. You could also get the chance to win movie passes for you and your friend, Cadbury Dairy Milk gift packs for sharing, and an iPad mini for each bi-weekly winner. For more details on this and other offerings, visit Cadbury Dairy Milk's Facebook Page and Instagram  (@CadburyPH).

Image provided by Nuffnang via Cadbury's Press Kit

*Info provided by Nuffnang via Cadbury Dairy Milk's Press Kit.