#BlogWithNuffnang: First Nuffnang Blog for 2015!

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Even though I've been with Nuffnang for barely a year, I already think that this relationship is for keeps! There are just so many things I love about Nuffnang, among them are the following:

What's not to love in someone who gives out exclusive passes for a blockbuster movie?

Gotta love Nuffnang for giving out free movie passes for the most awaited, and upcoming movies of the year. And no, Nuffnang isn't some one-way road where my love gets unrequited, because I'm pretty sure that Nuffnang loves me too! I know this coz Nuffnang just won't let me watch a movie without my plus one (and sometimes, my barkada too). That's how galante Nuffnang is, haha! And no worries about the food, coz they're all taken good care of and did I tell you that you'll surely go home carrying some goodies sponsored by Nuffnang's partners! Here are just some of the many blockbuster movies Nuffnang has treated me to:

Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1) at the Newport Cinemas

Guardians of the Galaxy at EDSA Shangri-La (undoubtedly my most favorite movie for 2014)

Every once in a while, Nuffnang, together with their partner brands, hosts awesome contests with equally awesome prizes! I've been lucky enough to win one of these contests, hosted by GMovies: free movies for 6 months with my plus one! (Click here to see my entry to the contest) I love Nuffnang for this because bloggers not only get the chance to win amazing prizes, but these contests also display (and squeeze) the bloggers' creative juices, thus helping us bloggers to learn more about blogging and thereby improving the way we blog. Oh and did I tell you that this blog write-up is an entry to another one of Nuffnang's cool contests? Win this contest and you'll win your very own blog, domain and web-hosting for one year!

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Nuffnang features a new blog every month. Why I love Nuffnang for this? Simple:

1.  New bloggers (like me) can check out these blogs and see for ourselves how these bloggers made their way in the scene. We could learn from their blogging styles and find out what the readers read in blogs, what's worth writing, etc.
2.  They've got interesting things to check out and read.
3.  Since these bloggers are usually the "beterano" in the blogosphere, I often see cool promos/events in their write-ups that one could either write about too or attend.  
4.  And lastly, from time to time, they host their own awesome contests too! :)

Who knows, I might get the chance to be featured too in the near future! (x crossing fingers x) In the meantime, here is Nuffnang's featured blogger this January 2015:
Nuffnang's Featured Blogger for January
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Lastly, I love Nuffnang because they serve as an avenue where one can meet new friends. Although at times, these bloggers may be considered as your "competitors" (in Nuffnang-hosted contests), they're still (no doubt) the same people to cheer you and the first ones to say good luck! And add to that the very enthusiastic Nuffies who are so accommodating that they'll make you feel right with the crowd in every blogging event!


Well, seeing that I don't have a domain of my own (obviously), I really think that I deserve to win this contest! If you also don't have your own domain, and would love to have your own for free (for one whole year), why not join this contest too? :) Check out the details here.

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So This Is What It Feels Like

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Among all the books in my collection, my Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book is the most prized (being an avid HP fan). Not only is this the first gift that I got from my longtime boyfriend/SO, but this is also the first brand new HP book that I got (all the other HP books that I have are secondhand). I got this book as a Christmas gift on December 2006. Special as it is, I naturally take good care of it, to the point that it's still in mint condition despite it being 9 years old already.

Ever since having this book, I always pack it in my travelling bag whenever I went to out-of-town trips. I never tire of reading any HP books (I've read each book for at least 50 times, yep I'm that avid of a fan). So when I went to Roxas City (my dad's province), my HP book went with me too.

During one of my 14-day stay at an aunt's place, this happened. As I was reading my book, I felt the urge to pee, so I left my book on the sofa while I do my business. Walking back to the sofa, I saw my 4-year old niece holding what looked like a pen while holding the book. I stopped right there, a few feet away from the sofa, because I was pretty sure (and dead scared) what to expect. A young kid + a red pen + a prized book is a very deadly combination indeed.

So here's what I saw:

Seeing what happened to my poor book, I literally felt all these at the same time:

Don't worry about my niece though, haha (did nothing to her). I just got my book, went to my room, and soothed my crying heart. Huhu.

The Struggle Is Real

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I keep telling myself that I'll start my planned diet and exercise regimen tomorrow, and that today will be the last day that I'll munch, overeat and binge on anything unhealthy. But the struggle is . . . deym real. I've got like, three notebooks (the legit, paper type), four different planners / fitness diaries (apps) saved on my smartphone plus a DIY scheduler : all for the sole purpose of helping me achieve my fitness goals. Been doing this for a whole year but the only thing that I've achieved so far, is to put on more weight :(((((((

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I would not eat rice, meat, any junk/unhealthy food for a day, then tomorrow, BAM, I'd down three cups of white rice for just one meal, eat lotsa sticks of barbecued meat, and basically, just eat anything unhealthy. 

 Why body, whyyyy?