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I had always been a very ambitious child. From when I was still playing bahay-bahayan  with my siblings and cousins, I always see to it that our "bahay" is as fabulous and intricate as it can get. We don't just simply place a blanket on top of anything that will serve as our bahay's foundation. We don't just put in random things to accessorize our bahay. Everything must be done right and with a purpose. The blanket's color must match our mood for the game - are we playing bahay-bahayan as someone trapped in the wilderness, are we playing as a make-believe "family" (complete with who will act as the father, mother or child), or are we playing a game of "fort/castle wars"? That's how intricate I was when it comes to choosing/building homes.

As a young adult, choosing a house is no longer a child's game. This is some serious business that needs lots and lots (and lotssss) of things to consider and to think about. After finally graduating and finding the first job, the next step would be to find a place to save for. A few years of handling and managing my own money made me realize that saving becomes easier and more realistic when I know what I am saving for. And incidentally, just how convenient it is to have found a platform where I can begin my quest for the perfect home easily! Here is where Property24 comes into picture. is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines. They provide an effective online platform for leading Real State Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.

Just how helpful is Property24?
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Registration is so easy! You can sign in using an existing e-mail address or (more conveniently) using your Facebook account. 

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Finding the perfect home has never been this convenient! With a few clicks, you're now closer to finding your perfect home without the hassles of traveling. You can even look up houses located as far as Baguio or Davao without the need of actually getting yourself in those places. Photos of the properties, prices and other information are included in the listings for your convenience.
Now that you know how to work your way around the website, it's now time to look for the perfect home! On that note, let me show you my top 5 dream houses that I've found on this website. It took me quite a while to come up with this list because, as I've mentioned before, I give all the attention I have when it comes to houses. So, read on and find out why these houses made it to my list:

Having lived in Quezon City for all my life, I have always considered the City of the Stars as the best city in Metro Manila (no offense to the other 15 cities). The primary reason for this are the TREES. I've been to other cities in the Metro, and Quezon City is undoubtedly the greenest one. Let's just hope that it stays that way, and that every city in the metro give adequate space for these lovely greens to grow at. I've picked this house in Casa Milan because it is located in Fairview (my favorite part in my favorite city). I'm a nature enthusiast, so I'm all for this house because it is so conveniently located near La Mesa Ecopark (the jungle in the city!) It also has a very calming aura that I'd have no trouble sleeping on the floor if the house is as serene as this place!

I chose this condo unit because my first job is located along the very busy and crowded road of EDSA, just where the boundaries of Quezon City, Pasig City and Mandaluyong City lie. Whether I drive a car, or commute via  taxi/MRT/bus, it is always a guaranteed late if I leave the house anytime later than 5:30 in the morning. Imagine how much sleep I can get if I have a place to stay in near my workplace. Also, I chose this part in EDSA because I think that this is where people from North EDSA and South EDSA meet halfway (at least, according to my brain's GPS system since I'm still familiarizing myself with the hullabaloos of EDSA). The condo also has a swimming pool lined with palm trees which is pretty awesome for a beach vibe.

If you've lived all your life in the crowded and blistering hot Metro Manila (where the only place to chill out is anyplace with an air conditioning system), who wouldn't want to live somewhere cold? Even though I've been to this part of the northern Philippines many times already, I always look forward to traveling to Baguio. Not only is this my place of birth, but it really is one of the places to go to if you want to do some unwinding and/or serious thinking (no matter how cliche it has now become) . The pine trees surrounding the place is also a very big plus for me!

I love Visayas! It has an all-year round festive mood and everyone is just so sweet and friendly! This is also the place where my relatives (from my father's side) live so all the more that I could get closer to my family's roots. Again, the assortment of greens surrounding the house is a very big plus for me. The combination of colors (blue, white and accents of green) looks very pleasing and relaxing to look at. Also, living in this part of the Visayas means more opportunity to attend those colorful fiestas we all studied about (and memorized) in elementary Social Studies!

Who wouldn't want to live in the fourth safest city in the world? I've never been to any part in Mindanao but if I am given the opportunity to travel here, I would definitely visit Davao first! I've always been intrigued about Davao, and I specifically want to know just how safe living in Davao is. I wonder, can I leave my dream house open and unattended without fears of burglars getting in? I also chose this house because it's white (the only other color I like aside from, you guessed it, green) and it exudes a very serene aura.

Want to look for your own dream house too? Visit Property24's website and start the search for your perfect home! Make your quest for the perfect home even more convenient by downloading the Property24 app on your smartphone:

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