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A lot has been said about the differences between men and women. Countless movies have been made, numerous books have been published and innumerable debates have been won (and lost) but the issue is still open for yet another round of debates. So exhausted are the lists of the differences between men and women that the mere attempt of listing down these contradictions between the two sexes might take a longer time than determining the last digit of pi, π. Despite these differences though, there lies (in almost anything) similarities. One such similarity that men and women share is how much of a big deal they give when it comes to their physical appearance. Men has their own individual standards of what makes a woman sexy, and the same goes for women as well. But really though, what is sexy
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Over time, society's perception of what sexy is has changed drastically. Let's take a short trip down memory lane and see just how drastic these changes are...

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Would you believe that during the Renaissance period, women were considered to be "beautiful" and "sexy" if they are on the plump side of the weight spectrum. Yup, you read that right. As seen in most Renaissance paintings, women are celebrated if they have a protruding belly, enlarged breasts and buttocks. You see, these features emphasized a woman's fertility. Also, during the Renaissance, life expectancy was short and food resources were scarce, so being plump meant having the wealth to buy more food than what you need and having the ability to give birth to healthy children.

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During the Enlightenment period, the smaller waist a woman have, the sexier she was. Consequently, this is also the period when corsets became a widely recognized fashion statement. Let's just say that we're really lucky (and thankful) that society outgrew this weird beauty standard.

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When I saw vintage photos of newspaper clips such as those shown above, I couldn't really believe that (not-so-many) years ago, weight supplements for weight gain were the fashion and beauty trend for women! During the 19th century, women were still much fuller-bodied than the "beauty" standards of the 20th century society but it is also noticeable that women from this period are moving towards a slimmer image compared to the Renaissance and Enlightenment Period.

This was the era where girls would often starve themselves to achieve a skinny figure, which was the body advertised as being "beautiful" and "sexy" on almost every media platform. The more prominent looking your bones are, the sexier you are. Celebrated personalities are those who don a skinny body. Oftentimes, these celebrities were even removed from spotlight the moment they gained a few pounds, which was "unsightly-looking" to the society back then.

At present, women have learned (or at the least, learning) to embrace what real beauty really is: that is, accepting and being proud of one's self. The essence of beauty and being sexy can no longer be defined based exclusively on some made-up numbers (36-24-36) nor on the current beauty standards set by celebrities. Tutorials have been put up and numerous posts have been shared in the different social media platforms which focus on and celebrate learning to love and to accept one's self. And I'm really happy to say how proud I am of what our society's way of thinking has evolved into when it comes to the perception of what beauty and sexy is.

On that note, did you know that you can achieve being sexy by doing a few things for just twice a week? Let me share with you some things I do twice a week to keep me feeling clean and sexy:

A woman who can stand up for herself and who takes on activities that are perceived to be masculine in nature? Now, that's one sexy woman! Twice a week, I attend karatedo classes near my workplace. Not only is this a form of exercise to achieve a healthier and sexier body, but this also cleans your body (from the inside) - what with all the liquids you'll be sweating out during each karatedo session. With my clean karate  moves, I am definitely on my way to a sexier and stronger me!

After a week's worth of work, just imagine all the stress I've accumulated from the hustles and bustles of working in the city. This is why every Saturday, to rid myself of stress, I try to clean my mind of all the bad things that may have happened during the week by doing an hour of yoga and by reading inspirational books. Likewise, I also commit myself to another hour of yoga session every Sunday to prepare myself for yet another week's worth of stress, exhaustion and all the other downsides of having to work in a very busy city. Doing yoga and reading inspirational books will definitely clean both your mind and body from all the stress and bad vibes thus, making you feel clean and sexy!

On Mondays and Fridays, I make sure to follow a plant-based diet. For the whole day, I strictly do not eat any processed food/drink nor any meal that has meat as an ingredient. I do this routine on Mondays because I want to start my week with my body free from the bad chemicals one can get from processed food products. Likewise, I also do this routine on Fridays to end my week by "cleansing" away the junk from all the not-so-healthy food I've eaten for the past three days. This routine has definitely made me feel clean inside out and of course, a balanced diet is a sure way to achieve that sexy, healthy body!

Clean is the New Sexy: Cleaning from the inside will work best if we also clean from the outside. To achieve my beauty goals, I not only work from the inside (drinking vitamins and eating healthy), but work from the outside as well. In keeping my intimate area clean, I make sure to use a feminine wash. Now, for the longest time, I've been using different brands of feminine wash but I just can't seem to find the perfect one for my needs.
BETADINE® Feminine Wash was recommended to me by my mother. We all know that mothers know best, but when I first heard of a BETADINE® product for my intimate area, I was surprised but at the same time curious - a BETADINE® product for my feminine needs down there? This was a new concept for me, but, I've known BETADINE® since childhood. It's my to-the-rescue friend whenever I get wounds from horse playing as a child. So when I tried BETADINE® Feminine Wash, I can attest you that it will not ruin your childhood memories: it is as effective as the Antiseptic Solution we used and trusted as a child!
BETADINE® Feminine Wash is Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash that effectively protects a woman's intimate area from common germs that cause discomfort down there. With the help of BETADINE® Feminine Wash, I've got more time to focus on other things (like doing my other routines to achieve my clean and sexy look) because I've got no worries about my intimate area. I know that I'm protected from itchiness, irritation and odor. Imagine just how dyahe it would be if I feel itch and irritation (coupled with odor) while at work, or while attending a karatedo or yoga session. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing not-so-sexy moves just to relieve myself of the discomfort I'm feeling down there!

When used twice a week, or everyday during red days, BETADINE® Feminine Wash will help lessen and ultimately eliminate all four problems (itchiness, irritation, infection and odor) experienced in our intimate area. It's known as the most prescribed product by Medical Doctors to mothers after giving birth, and it ranks number 3 in the Feminine Wash category. To use this very effective feminine wash, you just have to follow these two simple steps:

Step 1: Pour 2-3 small drops of BETADINE® Feminine Wash on your palm and dilute with a palmful of water.
Step 2: Wash on the external vaginal area for 15 seconds or less before rinsing thoroughly. Repeat twice a week or everyday during red days.
May I also squeeze in how this feminine wash has, in some ways, lessened my severe mood swings during my red days because no odor/irritation/infection/infection are four less problems to think about during your period! Better mood = better attitude is just plain clean and sexy to me.
To have that clean and sexy feeling, get your own BETADINE® Feminine Wash at any leading department stores, supermarkets or drugstores. There are three available sizes: 25mL (~Php 68), 50mL (~Php 108) and 100mL (~Php177). Prices may vary per store. BETADINE® Feminine Wash has also partnered with like-minded brands of Flawless and Posh Nails in the Be Sexy Clean promo to enhance the much-needed sexy feel for women:

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