PPS Tries Poetry: Volume 1

Thursday, November 12, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

For the longest time, I had never liked poems, whether as a student, as a teacher or as an adult who could do away with a life devoid of poems. This long stint of my irrational hate towards poem in general came to an abrupt stop when I discovered the works of Lang Leav, Neil Gaiman and some other authors whose works are published on Facebook by berlin-artparsites, as well as Betsin-artparasites (Filipino background), and a myriad collection of other works I've found on Instagram, 9gag, and the like.

In the short time that I've been browsing these sources for poems, I've come to realize how wonderful poems could be, how these short pieces of written art can arouse our emotions. With that, I've been inspired to make my own poems as well! I know that from one look, you could easily tag it as an amateur piece but bear with me as I immerse myself (yet again) in another form of art in letters. Constructive criticisms are always welcome! ☺

by RSD of PPS

words are just words 
until a person uses 
a specific set 
and arranges these 
in a particular order 
then one will realize 
that words are not just words

RSD stands for my name initials • PPS stands for this blog's initials