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In a September 2015 article written by J. Callaham of AndroidCentral, multinational technology company Google has announced that there are now currently 1.4 billion active Android devices worldwide. Likewise, in a similar article from CNET, IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker has released a report saying that Android has now hit more than 80% of the market share for smartphone shipments worldwide. In simpler terms, one can derive from these statistical reports that Android phones can now be considered as "kings" in the long-fought battle for the best smartphone. This is certainly good news for old Android phone users but what about smartphone users who wish to switch to Android or users who wish to buy another Android phone? With several smartphone manufacturers that run Android on their devices, looking for the "King of Android" among the kings of smartphones could be a very challenging task. 

Fret not though because I am exactly the person you need if coming face to face with a King is among those listed on your bucket list! Dear reader, I present to you, the King of Android: Huawei Nexus 6P! Living with the king definitely has its many perks and advantages but since I know that meeting with a King can be a very intimidating and lost-for-words-type-of-awestruck experience, I have conveniently listed down the top five perks of what it is like to live with the king! 

P.S. If you'd like to spread the word about how it is to live with the king, just remember these five letters: N E X U S!
                         N  for a  Nightlife-loving camera
                         E  for an Exquisite design
                         X  for an Xtra long battery life
                         U  for a  Unique Google experience
                         S   for a  Simplified security
The intense, scorching and sweltering summer heat that we Filipinos are currently experiencing has turned most of us into creatures of the night --- coming out only for the night's promise of protection from the sun's blistering heat. While this strategy has helped us in avoiding (or rather, lessening) our exposure to the inevitable summer's heat, this strategy has also made it hard for us to clearly capture moments of our summer adventures. But since you're living with the King of Android, this won't be a problem at all! The Huawei Nexus 6P camera lets you capture vibrant images even in conditions with less than ideal lighting. It also boasts of its 1.55μm pixels which allows the Nexus 6P to collect more light photons which then helps improve the image quality. It also has pre-installed apps like the Google Camera™ and Google Photos™ to make sure that you'll never miss any moment of your adventures (whether summer or all-year round) and to make your memories easy to find.

Here are sample photos and videos using the Huawei Nexus 6P taken by R. Holly of AndroidCentral:
Shot taken in full auto (Google camera chooses where to focus and no settings are changed)
Sunrise shot showing Nexus 6P's superior HDR capabilities
The Huawei Nexus 6P wouldn't be called the King of Android for no justifiable reason. One look at this phone and you'll instantly hear yourself say "no wonder this is called as such". Diamond chamfers (yes, diamond lang naman, maliit na bagay for a King) encircle the Nexus 6P's iconic hardware design which is sculpted to accent its low-light-loving, powerful camera. You know how a king must always have an entourage of trained and skilled security personnel? Well the King of Android is definitely not an exception to this. The Nexus 6P has a curved metal shell that is crafted from aeronautical-grade anodized aluminum. The underlined part simply means that the metal shell has undergone the process of anodizing which accounts for its increased resistance to corrosion and wear and a better adhesion for color primers than bare metal (this means that your Nexus 6P's color won't fade away that easily). I sounded so techy back there, huh? Definitely loving the perks of living with the King (like making you look more sophisticated and more knowledgeable)!
The Huawei Nexus 6P's screen is also protected by a panel of Corning Gorilla Glass 4, an environment-friendly alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass designed specifically to function as a protective cover glass, making your phone's screen resistant to cracks and scratches. The King of Android smartphone is also available in regal-sounding colors: aluminum, graphite, frost, and gold (available only in Japan, US and India).
"With great power comes great responsibility", so says the late uncle of one of my most loved Marvel superheroes. The same adage holds true not only for fictional superheroes but for real heroes as well, including our very own King of Android. With its many "responsibilities" as the title holder of "King of Android", including its promised features and responsibilities to its constituents (its users), it is only expected of the Nexus 6P to be able to have great battery power to be able to perform its functions well.
With reference to GSMArena's Battery Test for the Huawei Nexus 6P, one can say that this phone is really built on a solid and reliable foundation of power. Thanks to its pure and smart Android 6.0 Marshmallow's new Doze feature, it allows the Nexus 6P to use data from the device's motion chip to detect when the phone has been lying on a table for a while without being used. In such cases, the Android's Doze feature will automatically reduce e-mail polling and social media notifications, which are two potential battery hogs.

Even with its sharp 5.7" WQHD AMOLED display which gives a stunning clarity with 518 pixels per inch, and a superior front-facing speaker that offers crisp sound, you would still be assured that you will be able to do more with this phone. Nexus 6P's hardware also comes with the latest version of the octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 v2.1 processor, making the performance of Nexus 6P faster than ever. And have I told you about its long-lasting 3450mAh battery? It definitely lets you go the distance with added support from a reversible USB Type-C™ for fast charging. 
Thanks to Nexus 6P's fast-charging USB Type-C™ adapter, the King of Android can get a full charge from under 15 to 100 in a little over an hour. Also, the battery saver feature built into this Android phone can definitely help squeeze every last bit of juice. If you're asking what's so special about its reversible USB Type-C™ adapter, well for one, it is reversible. With this type of adapter, you would now say goodbye to your worries and frustrations whenever you try to connect your charger to your phone (the struggles of which are brilliantly shown in the 9gag memes I've compiled below).
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"The best of Google, in the palm of your hand." You know how a King's mere words means exactly the same thing as its corresponding action? He doesn't even have to go by the very widely-spoken "action speaks louder than words" because a King's simple utterance of words is as good as any action. With the King of Android, you will feel just like a King, because you simply have to utter the magic words, "Ok Google", to get things done! From searching anything under (or beyond) the sun, to getting directions and creating reminders, you bet that with only your voice, Google will be up and about running to do your commands!
Aside from this feature, Nexus 6P lets you enjoy the best of Google with its pre-installed apps, including Google Maps™, Chrome™, Google Play™, Youtube™, Photos, GMail™ and more. Nexus 6P also has a wifi combo antenna that offers a fast and strong connection, letting you work and play with no interruptions.
The King of Android is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated measure of security that is truly fit for a King. It has the Nexus Imprint: with a single touch, you are ensured with high-end security details minus the complexities. Your Nexus 6P is quicker and more secure with its one-touch fingerprint sensor. Placed on the back of your device to complement the way you naturally hold it, Nexus Imprint will turn on your screen with just a single touch, unlocking your apps quickly and easily, and letting you breeze through checkout lines with Android Pay. And, by incorporating measurements each time you use it, Nexus Imprint gets smarter with every touch! 
Nexus Imprint is Google's own fingerprint authentication feature, and the Nexus 6P is among the two smartphones where this security feature is first made available. Using your fingerprint, Nexus Imprint allows you to authenticate on your device to unlock it, use Android Pay, and even make Google Play purchases. Fingerprints are recognized in less than 600 milliseconds. Also, the hardware used for Nexus Imprint stays separated from the rest of the device, keeping it more secure and better protected from any threats of hacks or malware. The sensor can also be used as verification for third-party banking and commerce apps as they add support. 

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To learn more about Huawei Nexus 6P, the King of Android, check out its full specifications below and watch why the people from AndroidCentral are such big fans of the phone that they even labeled it as 2015's best phone! Also, don't forget to watch the Nexus 6P's video launch by Google to showcase its Android 6.0 flagship phone. 

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