Change The Way You See Happiness

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noun hap·pi·ness \ˈha-pē-nəs\ 

the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one's life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile (Lyubomirsky, 2007)

Survey 10 people about their definition of what happiness is and you'd get at least 20 different answers. Ask someone what makes them happy and you'd be surprised by the spectrum of answers that you'll get from just one person. Have someone answer "What makes you happy?" and s/he may give you an entirely different answer years, months or even days from the moment you asked him/her first. These instances alone make me happy - to know that despite the many horrible and sad realities that are happening, we still, and always will, find something to be happy about.

Some years ago, if someone has asked me the same question, s/he would know that my happiness was entirely dependent on another human being. I was happy because somebody else was happy being with me. I was happy because somebody else was happy for me. I was happy because I get to spend happy, blissful moments with somebody else. You get the pattern. So much was my (unhealthy) dependence on them, that when they left me, they took with them my happiness. They took with them the usual happiness I feel when visiting a certain place. They took with them the usual joy I feel when eating a certain food. They took with them the usual delight of checking Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, or even the usual excitement in checking for notifications in my cellphone. To make things short (and brunt), I practically gave them every chance for me to be happy that when they left, they also took away every chance for me to be happy again. Fortunately, after months of mustering enough strength and will to change for the better, this has now become a distant memory of how I used to define happiness.

Books have helped me change the way I see happiness :)
Ironically but truthfully, to change the way I see happiness, I had to experience sadness and loneliness. It was during these moments of solitude that I experienced the absence of happiness. And from the absence of happiness (or rather, from the absence of what I perceived to be my only sources of happiness), I was able to value what happiness is and to discover new sources of happiness. While I still enjoy and yearn for some company to experience happiness, I can also still feel genuine happiness even in the comforts of complete solitariness. Reading good books under the shade of a tree lets me experience contentment and joy. So much so was my happiness with books that I don't mind, and even look forward to having blind dates with books! ♥

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