20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

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*Highschool never ends

Friendship is a word that launched a thousand quotes. 

I have been blessed to have met a bunch of weirdos from high school. They've been what I call my "par" (pare) for almost 9 years now. I think that's a big feat, considering that we went to different colleges and now, some of us are already "enrolled" in the "real world".

Each of us have their own ways of defining "friendship', and I know that each of us would want to be the best friend there is for our best friends. Here are some ways with which we can show our friends that we're for keeps :)

1.  Share your time. I'm a very touchy person when it comes to time. I still think that to share your time with any person means that you care for them. You care so much for them that you give the one thing that you won't ever be able to get back - TIME. 

2. Pig out. Because when you are with your friends, you always call it a "pig out". Pigging out with friends entails you to a chance of getting a "libre".

3. Exercise with them. Friends accept you for what you are. But that doesn't mean that you will grow into fat-bellied couch potatoes right? Go to your favorite gym and burn those fats together. Better yet, jog around in any park for free. Exercising with friends are better than exercising alone, trust me.

4. Watch those "corny" shows. You've been criticizing certain shows for no end. What's a better way to spend the boring summer than to watch those dreadful shows and have a friendly competition among your friends and which of you is the best critic.

5. Joyride. For those who are blessed enough to have a car (or those who have parents willing enough to let you borrow the family car), plan a joyride! Go anywhere until the gas runs out. You can sing along to a '90s song while in the road.

6. Be a friend, not a "kunsintidor". Know when to be stern and know when to be fun. 

7. Greet and attend their relatives' birthdays. Of course, it's a requirement for you to attend your friend's birthday but hey, when you get invited to their relatives' birthdays, attend :] It shows that you want to be part of the family and that you can be trusted upon.

8. Once in a while, treat them. Yep, a good friend should treat their best friends once in a while. It could be a chichiria or if you are feeling rich, a complete meal in your favorite fast food restaurant.

9. Be a good listener. Need I explain this? You are called a friend because you are a good listener. :]

10. Stand up for them. Hey, only you can kick your friends right? So if some random bitchy person starts bullying your friend, let them know that she/he has a friend in you.

11. Share your precious finds. It could be anything - your favorite food, your favorite restaurant, your favorite computer game... anything!

12. Recommend a good book. When you're away from your friends, let them feel that you're always here for them by lending him/her your favorite book :]

13. Study with them. Who says that playing, strolling and goofing around are the only ways to have fun with friends? Study with them, and who knows, the both of you just may top the exams!

14. Plan vacation trips together. Since it's summer, you'll never run out of ideas for vacation trips. Plan one now while it's still summer!

15. Have an overnight over a friend's house. One good way for you to get to know your friend's family is by having an overnight at their house. His/Her family will also get the chance to know you better.

16. Do your favorite sports together. Be it basketball, or DOTA, do it together with your friends and improve your sportsmanship :]

17. Treasure your moments by taking photos. With the advent of social media sites, jump in the bandwagon! Take photos of your adventures together and let the whole world know of your friendship :]

18. Be a good influence. Don't be the friend that parents dread of. Be the friend that a parent can be proud of.

19. Watch the coolest movies together. It's summer! It's that time in the year when the goodest, awesomest movies come out! Don't have any idea what to watch? Then why not watch Maleficent? Here's the trailer to give you an idea of how awesome it is.

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Ready to be the BEST friend ever?
*From Bowling For Soup