So This Is What It Feels Like

Saturday, January 10, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Among all the books in my collection, my Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book is the most prized (being an avid HP fan). Not only is this the first gift that I got from my longtime boyfriend/SO, but this is also the first brand new HP book that I got (all the other HP books that I have are secondhand). I got this book as a Christmas gift on December 2006. Special as it is, I naturally take good care of it, to the point that it's still in mint condition despite it being 9 years old already.

Ever since having this book, I always pack it in my travelling bag whenever I went to out-of-town trips. I never tire of reading any HP books (I've read each book for at least 50 times, yep I'm that avid of a fan). So when I went to Roxas City (my dad's province), my HP book went with me too.

During one of my 14-day stay at an aunt's place, this happened. As I was reading my book, I felt the urge to pee, so I left my book on the sofa while I do my business. Walking back to the sofa, I saw my 4-year old niece holding what looked like a pen while holding the book. I stopped right there, a few feet away from the sofa, because I was pretty sure (and dead scared) what to expect. A young kid + a red pen + a prized book is a very deadly combination indeed.

So here's what I saw:

Seeing what happened to my poor book, I literally felt all these at the same time:

Don't worry about my niece though, haha (did nothing to her). I just got my book, went to my room, and soothed my crying heart. Huhu.