The Struggle Is Real

Thursday, January 08, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

I keep telling myself that I'll start my planned diet and exercise regimen tomorrow, and that today will be the last day that I'll munch, overeat and binge on anything unhealthy. But the struggle is . . . deym real. I've got like, three notebooks (the legit, paper type), four different planners / fitness diaries (apps) saved on my smartphone plus a DIY scheduler : all for the sole purpose of helping me achieve my fitness goals. Been doing this for a whole year but the only thing that I've achieved so far, is to put on more weight :(((((((

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I would not eat rice, meat, any junk/unhealthy food for a day, then tomorrow, BAM, I'd down three cups of white rice for just one meal, eat lotsa sticks of barbecued meat, and basically, just eat anything unhealthy. 

 Why body, whyyyy?