The Aca-Mazing Movie Screening Of #PitchPerfect2!

Thursday, May 14, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

And because Pawprint Stamped was among the blogs who made it to Nuffnang's list of  #QikOrItDidntHappen blog contest winners, I naturally went to this aca-mazing movie screening of Pitch Perfect 2! The screening was held at Shangri-La Cineplex Cinema 2.

By the time my plus one and I arrived (Yep, Nuffnang and Skype Qik were that generous! An exclusive screening for me and my bella sister!), bloggers were already lining up for the blogger registration.

Like all other movie screening events organized by Nuffnang, there was also a photobooth where we can have our photos (uploaded on social media sites such Twitter and Instagram) printed out as long as we use the hashtag #QikOrItDidntHappen and #QikIt.

Along with our tickets, we also got our food stubs because Nuffnang just won't let us watch a movie on an empty stomach! Popcorn and drinks are undoubtedly the perfect match for this Pitch Perfect movie!

The crew manning the cinema bar kind of panicked (I guess) because of the looooong line of bloggers hungry for that popcorn. One spilled an iced tea while another almost slipped because of the spilled iced tea. :( I so want to tell them, "kalma lang po kuya huhu, di pa kami ganun kagutom". Anyhow, I got myself a generous helping of cheese-flavored popcorn and lemonade.

Even while we were still outside the cinema, I can't help but notice how most of the bloggers are already half-way down their popcorn tumbler. By the time we entered the cinema, some of the popcorn tumblers were already on the floor, suggesting that they're all empty and the movie haven't even started yet! Well on my part, I would have done the same thing if only I had an extra hand to pop the popcorns on my mouth (I was carrying a bag). 

Even before the LSS-inducing Pitch Perfect movie started, na-LSS na kami with the very funny Skype Qik commercials featuring their two mascots: Qik Gorilla (as shown on the photo) and Qik Banana Family. The commercials were a sure way to prep us for the equally funny Pitch Perfect 2 movie!