REVIEW: Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake

Saturday, October 24, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Because October 23 was my last day as a substitute grade school teacher, my fellow teachers surprised me with the sweetest surprise possible: breakfast, lunch and merienda meals coupled with anything sweet! They know that I'm a BIG fan of sweet treats so for breakfast, they made sure to include a hot chocolate drink (I'm the only non-coffee drinker in our faculty room). They partnered my high blood-inducing lunch (kare-kare and lechon paksiw) with a vanilla sundae and come afternoon, they gifted me with lots of various chocolate bars, chocolate chips, donuts and a chocolate cake! Talk about sweet colleagues! Now, among these sweet surprises, the one that I liked the best is Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake. When my Area Coordinator gave it to me, she told me that I should try it right away because "It's the best chocolate cake you'll ever taste!" It's hard not to believe her because I would totally trust her word on anything about food and because of the promise of this Reason to Believe (RTB - a term used in marketing) stamp on the box:

It has a very minimalist and simple packaging (which I totally dig): a brown carton box sealed with a green ribbon. Aside from the RTB stamp on the upper left corner, you'll also see the brand's logo on the lower right hand corner of the box.

Okay, so enough with the packaging, we can't eat that anyway, right? Let's take a peek inside the box where all the excitement is!

If you'll ask me, the cake's presentation is not that exciting to look at. Personally, it looks too simple to a fault. This is just my personal opinion though. Or it's probably because the mocha lines on top seems out of place, idk. (Yes, those are mocha, not caramel as I've first guessed.)

Getting a slice out of the cake, I was surprised that it has mocha filling inside! I'm not a fan of mocha because its taste is really close to that of coffee's (and I don't like coffee) but for non-coffee lovers like me, the mocha filling was really rich with the consistency of a ganache. What's more, the taste reminds me of my favorite childhood sweet treat: yema! One bite of the cake had me going super kilig! The cake was not that spongy and airy, the icing was so rich that you'll want it to stay in your mouth, the sweetness was just right, and I could go on and on and oooon but to cut it short: it really is the best chocolate cake I ever tasted!

If you like to have your own bite of the multi-awarded chocolate cake, you could get your own at the 4/F of Robinsons Galleria! Yuuuuum!