Name Three Things: Volume 1 (October 2015)

Thursday, October 29, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Yey! So I'm starting this blog label/tag called NAME THREE THINGS as a way for readers to get to know me better. I'll be updating this tag every once in a month. Here's to hoping that my readers will know me better and that I'll be diligent in updating this blog label! :)

  1. I don't like using pens with points bigger than 0.5. I'm not picky with pen brands, as long as the ballpoint is equal to or smaller than 0.5. My go-to pen would always be Faber Castell pens. They're pretty affordable (price per pen is less than Php 10) and they're among the rare species of pens which you can use until the ink is literally naghihingalo na. Like, you can really see that the ink is exhausted and they're not the "sensitive" type of pen (yung tipong malaglag mo lang, ayaw nang tuminta).
  2. All my books are meticulously plastic-wrapped by me. Meticulously because I always, always make sure that the plastic cover meet at a 90-degree angle before putting the adhesive tape. And no, I don't fold the plastic cover in such a way that it will form a triangular shape inside the book's cover (which, I assume, is the usual way of covering a book).
  3. Whenever I brush my teeth, I would always use drinking water for the last gargle. And I don't know why, how or when I've acquired this habit.