KitKat Break Movement

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You're not in college if you're not stressed.

When I entered the university, I accepted the fact that I will be spending more sleepless nights than I did back in high school. Those sleepless nights involved a lot of coffee-drinking, procrastinating and crying (which was more evident when deadlines are nearing). And there would always be days when you feel like all your professors are intent on not letting you sleep:

Studying BEEd Communication Arts-English requires a lot from me. I'm expected to do a lot of things. This includes, but is not limited to: doing reports/presentations, attending seminars/conventions, writing all sorts of papers, reading a lot of children's books (all of its genres), maintaining my calm and smile every single demonstration and producing creative teaching materials so that my students will be more engaged.

So, if I were given the chance to unlock any of these skills:

It would definitely be to multitask at any given time. To be able to do just that, I just need to take a break, and have a KitKat. And by that, I'll be ready to accept the challenges that college throws at me.

Why would you want to unlock such skills?
With the help of KitKat (which is pretty much like my version of "Darna's bato"),  I can now do multitasking at any given time:
[1] During actual teaching demonstrations: teach while cutting tapes while preparing the next visual aids while listening to my students' answers while keeping the students behaved and while making "pasilip na mga tingin" to my professors who are observing the demo.
[2] During my students' seatwork time: help open a student's baon  while explaining the seatwork instructions while collecting the works of those who're already finished while entertaining questions like "Teach, may I go out" and while attending to the numerous "sumbong" of my pupils.

[3] During my undergrad course lectures: listen to the professor's lectures while jotting down notes while doing an assignment for the next subject and while having a "secret" conversation with my group mates for a report/presentation.

This was taken during one of my demos at the UP Integrated School.

Oh, and did you know that eating chocolates like KitKat actually do you a lot of health benefits:

So what are you waiting for? Unlock your hidden skills now with KitKat.