My KitKat Break Movement Experience!

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The Art of Getting There was one of the lucky bloggers (yiheeee) who got invited to the special screening of Transformers: Age of Extinction at the 4DX cinema of Bonifacio High Street. Wondering how I got the lucky invitation? We simply have to answer this question by KitKat: 

If you were given the chance to unlock any of these skills, what would it be and why?
  • type faster and flawlessly
  • never forget any detail
  • create awesome presentation decks
  • multitask at any given time 
An easy question for a 4DX experience, yes? Check out my entry here.
The special block screening was held on the opening day of Transformers: Age of Extinction, last June 25, 2014. Before the day of the movie, winners got this mission-like invitation:

On our way to Bonifacio High Street, my plus one and I got lost (yep! winners get to enjoy this awesome movie treat with their plus ones!). We don't exactly frequent Makati kasi huhuhu. And since we're just so happy and relieved that we finally managed to get to our destination (after a few quarrels, but hey! that's normal on any roadtrips, right?), here's some help so you won't get lost on your way to Bonifacio High Street. 

After parking at the, uh, parking area at the back of the mall, we thought that we were lost, again, because the mall was kind of empty, as in. There were only few people in the vicinity (and it was still pretty early in the evening, around half past 8). And from the ground floor of the mall, all stores were still under construction. Even the elevators, though functioning, still had the "under construction" looks: plywood pa yung pader. It was like entering a mall from a post-apocalyptic movie scene, haha. We even had to ask the friendly manong guard at the mall's entrance if we were indeed at Bonifacio High Street.

At the 4DX cinema entrance, we were greeted by the lovely and energetic Nuffnang staff. To register, we had to search for our name in their list (we confirmed our attendance via e-mail) so that we could also get our food stubs (ow yeaaaah!).

After registration, we received 2 KitKat bars from the beautiful ladies manning the KitKat booth (the most generous sponsor of the movie experience). 

Buuuut, if we complete a particular task, we get to have a bag of goodies from KitKat! And that particular task was really simple: we just had to take a selfie with our KitKat bars to document our great 4DX movie experience and tweet the photo along with a caption they provided. How easy was that?! The task was made even simpler by the very helpful Nuffnang staff, the lady in the yellow dress (from the first photo) even lent me her Ipad because my phone had no Internet connection, and another guy from Nuffnang let me use their Wi-Fi connection so I can tweet using my phone. A goodie bag from KitKat contains the following (Note: pinagsama na lang namin yung goodie bag ng plus one ko):

Goodie Bag from KitKat

Different flavors of KitKat bars! Yummmm!
Aside from KitKat bars, the goodie bag also have ID tags, mouse pads,
and something that I don't know what it's for, haha.

But that's not all to this awesome movie treat! Since we arrived at the cinema around half past 8, and finished the registration and task around 9, we still had over an hour to wait for the movie to start (the doors open at 10 but the movie starts at 10:45, according to the invitation). That's exactly what the food stubs are for: to eat while waiting for the movie to start! So after getting our KitKat goodie bags, my plus one and I headed over to Quiznos (which was really near Bonifacio High Street, some 5 minutes walk or less). There was also a Nuffnang booth there.

Nuffnang booth at Quiznos

Quiznos counter. You get to see how your sandwich is prepared.

Our food stubs got us a big sandwich plus a drink. The sandwich was really yummy! And BIG. I had no idea how to have a decent one big bite off the sandwich, haha. 

That's for me and my plus one :)

The sandwich doesn't look that big in this photo but believe me, it sure was big, haha!
After our dinner at Quiznos, we went back to the cinema at around 9:45. People were starting to gather outside the cinema doors. Since there was still no lines, we bought some bottled water. Mind you, if you're on a tight budget, bring your own water. Ginto ata tubig dun haha. One 500ml bottled water costs Php75. Whew.

Anyway, since we got to choose our seats at the registration, we don't exactly have to line up early for fear of losing seats. The doors opened at exactly 10 and the movie started at exactly 10:45. It was such an unforgettable experience! Special thanks to the following for making this awesome event possible: KitKat, Nuffnang and Quiznos. Here are other pictures of the event:

The cinema doors

*The review for the actual 4DX experience of Transformers: Age of Extinction is still in the making, haha. Will update this blog when the movie review is ready na :)