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Yeeeey! I've recently added my blog to my Disqus account. With this widget, readers will now have a more convenient way of posting their comments :)

So what exactly is Disqus? 
Disqus, Inc. is a blog comment hosting service for Web sites and online communities that uses a networked platform. (Info Source) You can comment using your existing social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Google.

I've decided to include Disqus in my blog since I've noticed that only a few people have a Google account, which is what you need if you want to comment on a blog hosted by Blogger. Want one on your blog too? Simply follow these easy steps! :)

1.  Open Disqus' website and click "Add Disqus to Your Site".

2.  Sign up.

3.  Fill out your blog's profile.

4.  Choose your platform. Note: The steps listed are for Blogger users.

5.  Then, follow the Setup Instructions for Blogger. :) It's as easy as that!

** You don't have to worry about your published comments being erased since Disqus has this awesome option to import your existing Blogger comments. Great ano? :)


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