Last CAL Class

Thursday, August 21, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

Emote habang naghihintay. Haha.

This is hopefully the last class in CAL that I will be taking in my senior year. You see, I personally don't like going to CAL (too much bad memories, read: bitterness HAHA!). Aside from it being too far from my college (where all my other subjects are held), CAL's rooms are just way too hot to handle, nakaka-suffocate, para kaming pinupugon. -_- 

My techie classmates :)

I'm taking a course in Creative Nonfiction, my second Creative Writing class. I'm really looking forward to this class, since I know na medyo fail pa rin ako when it comes to writing anything creatively. I tend to always go for the cliche (hindi ko magawa yung something sa taas ng 'e' huhu), which is just so bad, especially in Creative Writing classes. I always plan big for any write-ups I'm about to make, but usually, I don't write until the night before the deadline so ayon, failure ang resulting write-up. So hopefully, with my last class in CAL, I'll be a better writer :))