Cadbury Sweet Endings: Team French Vanilla

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With November being the new "hell month" (blame it on the calendar shift), things will be getting pretty rough in the coming days. And more often than not, things get a little more stressful when one forgets to unwind every once in a while. 

So you're finally able to cross out one major school requirement from your to-do list? Then what better way to relieve all that tension and stress than to cap it off with a sweet ending? My barkada does that by simply engaging in a laid back chat during a quiet afternoon. To make that sweet ending even more sweeter, we pamper ourselves with the smooth and creamy taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk. Now that's a sweet ending! 

And as if that's not the sweetest ending we could get, Nuffnang and Cadbury have tied up yet again to offer their latest, sweetest ending for my Cadbury barkada -- exclusive screening passes for the barkada movie of the year, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1). And all we had to was answer this easy-breezy question: "Is your barkada #TeamFrenchVanilla or #TeamChocolateMousse?".

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Although we would undoubtedly go for any Cadbury Dairy Milk variant, my barkada is definitely Team French Vanilla. You see, we get to taste two luscious flavors in one delectable bite! It's definitely the best companion to a tranquil afternoon chat with friends since it has the light exquisite taste of a vanilla cream-filled chocolate. Plus, it's the closest, and definitely the sweetest, that we can get to having a taste of France for the price of Php 180! 
One of the two newest Cadbury Dairy Milk variants: French Vanilla
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Inspired by Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla's exquisite taste, my barkada did this photo showing our most French-inspired pose. It's our impression of how chill and laid back the French people are: enjoying a fanciful cup of tea despite the busy and hustling city life. C'est la vie!

My Cadbury barkada's French-inspired pose