QIK or It Didn't Happen!

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Gone are the times that you'll have to wait for a month to receive a message from a loved one (even if that loved one is only a city away!). Gone are the times that you'll have to pay extra to send a video via text messaging (because really, who still used MMS?). Aaaand, gone are the times that you'll be limited to sending just plain ol' text messages or photos because they're so yesterday when QIK happened. So, what exactly is Qik, you say?

Skype Qik is a quick video messaging/communication app that allows you to exchange instant and quick video messages for free. It enables you to capture videos that are up to 40 seconds long, and and send them to group of friends. Skype Qik is available on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. More about Skype Qik here: http://www.skype.com/en/qik/

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What's better than sending something with your face and voice on it? (Well, other than sending it yourself, of course). Technology has really gone beyond the limits and with Skype Qik, communicating with your friends and loved ones will be as quick (qik, get it?) as a click! (Try saying that again and again!). And what's more, Skype Qik, a service by Skype (the same app that understands just how important it is to stay in touch with your loved one), can be downloaded for free because they know that seeing your friends do something viral-worthy is priceless! 
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I certainly wouldn't miss out on seeing my friends do some crazy stuff, and sending out my own silly stunts as well so I downloaded Skype Qik as qik as I can! Skype Qik is easy to operate. They made sure that you'll be able to send those videos as qik as possible so that you won't even have the time to rethink if you're shaming yourself too much with that video, haha! With Skype Qik, you can now share and send videos of up to 40 seconds in length! 

Skype Qik on my Android phone
I made sure to place the Skype Qik app right on my phone's home screen for qik  video sending! 

Screenshots of some of Skype Qik's awesome features!

Skype Qik (true to its namesake, quick) even has a feature called Qik Flik. It's for when you want to reply to a message but you don't have enough time to either record a video or think of something ingenious to send. You make these GIF-like short videos beforehand (pretty much a like template) which you can readily send with just a tap. 

Sooo, wachu waiting for? Make some space on your iPhone/Android/Windows phone (ikaw na, if you have all these phonesss) and download this awesomely free app aaaand start sending those wacky videos! Not to worry about shaming yourself too much because only your friends can have the privilege of watching you do some crazy stuff! ♥♥♥

Download Links:
Watch Skype Qik's cray cray video (it even features our very own jeepney)!