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Instructor: Dave Centeno
Subject: Comm 3
Comments: He's a prof easy to be friends with. He's quite young (I'm guessing his age range is late 20's to early 30's) and really energetic when discussing lessons. He talks with the class in a way that is neither intimidating nor all-knowing. Plus, I've never seen him frown in any of the class I've attended. During short quizzes, he's fond of giving bonus questions (can't remember if it's 3 or 5 bonus questions which'll surely up your score - that is, if you know the answers) which are mostly about UP. Some of the bonus questions I still remember: what bird is on the UP logo, what flower is planted around March/April, etc. Some students who've had him as a prof would go as far as saying that he's really generous in giving 1. He's considered a heartthrob, btw. ♥

Instructor: Alva Benedict Balbuena
Subject: Math 17
Comments: Quite a young prof too. Has punk-style haircut (I've seen him don a mohawk-like style), and almost always wears T-shirts and pants (I think he was like the cool, band member stereotype). I really think that he's a Math genius but I wouldn't agree that much if somebody said that he's great at teaching Math. You know how some people is great at something but they're not that good at teaching that something they're great at. He really doesn't mind if half of the class is sleeping or missing. Once he gets inside the room, he'll start lecturing. From time to time, he'll check attendance (but does this rarely). As for the exams, I would say that they're fairly easy, in the sense that the test items are patterned after his lecture examples. He would even sometimes use the examples as test items.

Instructor: Ulysess Arana
Subject: Philo 1
Comments: Uhhhmm. I honestly don't know if I learned anything from him. PALAGI SIYANG ABSENT. And his go-to reason would be: malayo kasi ang Zabarte. To the best of my knowledge, I'm guessing that he only came to class about 10-15 times in the around 40 classes (5months*4weeks*2x a week class meeting) we're supposed to have. Mind you, it's a 7am class so sobrang dyahe each time I come to class sooo early only to find out that after 30 minutes of waiting, there'll be no class. Tapos vacant ko pa hanggang 10am, so bongga 'di ba? If you want to have a chillax Philo 1, go for this Prof. But, if you really want to learn a lot in Philo 1, I suggest you get some other prof.

Instructor: Ariel Primo Juliano
Subject: PE 2 Duckpin Bowling
Comments: He's good with the sport. As in! He'll come to class for the first two weeks to teach tapos pasulpot-sulpot na lang siya for the rest of the semester. We don't mind this though, kasi we did nothing but duckpin bowling until the end of the sem. You'll be graded depending on the scores you got for each session - whether you improved or not. 

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PS: I tried to be as objective as I can when I wrote this. If you want to add your own UP prof guide, feel free to comment and I'll make sure to add them to the list :)

PPS: The listing of profs are arranged in no particular order.