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This being my first 4DX movie experience, I was just really thrilled and very eager to see the movie (Transformers: Age of Extinction). At the entrance of the cinema is a Safety Notice and height indicator that looks like this: 

I wasn't able to take a picture of the Safety Notice in the cinema lobby, so for those planning to experience 4DX, it would be best to read their Safety Notice first. I got this screenshot from the Ayala Malls Cinemas website:

Once you have your tickets, you will be welcomed by the grandiose-looking doors of the cinema entrance.

Inside, you'll notice that the 4DX cinema is quite small, compared to the usual Ayala cinemas.

While seated, you'll notice this in front of you: a socket-like attachment at the back of each seat. It's for water effects. During scenes in the movie where there were water splashing, or explosions in water, this socket-like attachment sprays water pero konti lang naman, feels like you've been sprayed perfume in your face.

The seats also have a foot rest because all through-out the movie, the seats move "in-sync" with the movie's scenes. Since we watched a Michael Bay film, the seats sure did have a LOT of chance trying to "unseat" their viewers. It felt like you're in a spaceship going through a rocky asteroid belt. And since I was quite small, I had difficulty trying to keep myself seated still while my seat was ecstatically letting me experience what an explosion would feel like.

In addition to the moving seats, the other effects include:

  • smoke - During scenes that feature larger-than-the-usual explosions, you'll notice smoke just at the front of the movie screen. It's actually not that noticeable, especially if you're seated far from the screen.

  • smell - You'll also notice a smell that's pretty much like gunpowder during movie scenes that again, involve explosions.

  • temperature - The movie featured scenes that involved a particularly cold place (tipong sinlamig ng North Pole). During those scenes, you'll notice a sudden drop in temperature inside the cinema. As if the usual coldness of any cinemas isn't enough, haha. So better have your jacket with you :) Didn't experience any hot temperature though.

  • lightning-like/camera flash - During scenes where guns (or anything that functions like guns) were fired, it was accompanied by a lightning-like/camera flash-like effect that comes from somewhere in the upper right and upper left corner of the movie screen.

As a summary, the 4DX experience was really something to experience. It's a break from the usual 2D and 3D movie experiences. Although, I wouldn't recommend it for movie marathons. The Transformers film actually gave me headaches and after watching it since there were just TOO MANY explosions. And too many explosions = your seat working hard like crazy trying to throw you off.