NEW LOOK (na naudlot)!

Saturday, July 26, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-


Since I'm really getting bored with my old (and never before changed since blog's birth) template, I attempted to change my blog's look..... but failed :(

This would have been how my blog's new template would look like:

But since the template, although free (which is really nice), is not customizable (not nice, huhu), I had to give it up. My blog sort of went haywire after uploading the template: I can't see my Nuffnang ad units and there were repetitive gadgets (3 Popular Posts, 2 Labels, etc).

I've tried to navigate my way around the template but failed to do so. I also tried finding other templates that not only suits my taste but can also be customized but found none *hindi lang siguro magaling ang Google Search skills ko haha. So, with a heavy heart, I've decided to just revert back to my old template.

*I've changed na lang my blog title from The Art of Getting There because it's so jeje and padrama ang effect. Haha. Di baaaaaaa? :)

If you have some great ideas on how to perk up my blog's overall look (I'm rooting for minimalist templates/themes), please do contact me! Please? Haha. I'm such a neophyte kasi when it comes to codes/editing/customizing that my blog's template is so raw, walang ka-edit edit haha.