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It's a known secret among students that chocolates are definite must-haves before any exam. I, for one, strongly attest to this fact, as proven by various research studies (tried and tested by desperate students worldwide) that say chocolates help improve our brain's blood flow, which then improves our brain's functions. I've witnessed time and again how learners have fervently put their faith on these sweet bars, with the belief that chocolates can bestow upon them the gift of (instant) wisdom: in college entrance exams, you'll see students armed with their baon na chocolates and in any academic competition (like quiz bees), contestants partner their vigorous reviews with their regular intake of different brain foods, with chocolate on top of the list, of course. The things we do and believe for a good grade, no? :)

Exams are one of the most dreadful things every student have to experience in their school life. But with your barkada around, exams can be fun in some way, right? Exams make way for overnight reviews and group studies with your barkada. School requirements (like papers, homeworks and exams), are also great opportunities for your friendship to grow positively. In my barkada's case, we eat chocolates both before and after any migraine-inducing exams. Not only do we believe that chocolates could help us get through our tests, but we also believe in the power of chocolates to soothe our tired minds and to uplift our after-exam moods, thanks to its mood-boosting compounds like theobromine and phenylethyamine (Info Source). Whooo yes, nagamit ko din mga learnings ko hahaha.

The ultimate sweet ending to a stressful review :)

Review buddies aside from my barkada :)

So, in our recently held exams, each of us had a Cadbury Dairy Milk on hand. After the 3-hour long exam, what better way to celebrate the sweetest ending to our (first batch) of sleepless and caffeine-driven nights than to divulge ourselves in the goodness of our Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates?

With Cadbury Dairy Milk, we sure did experienced that sweet feeling of finally finishing your exams, plus that overwhelming relief of being able to cross out at least one requirement from your loooooong to-do list:

  • EDSC 111 Exam (yeeeeeeey! one down, more to go, hahaha!)
  • 5-Page Critic Paper 
  •  Watch documentary video
  • and the list goes on and on....

Now this is what you call #CadburySweetEndings.
Enjoy your barkada's sweet endings with Cadbury Dairy Milk!