My Chooks-To-Go Kwelavan Experience!

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In the recently held Blogapalooza event at the SMX Convention Center of SM Aura, one of the booths that undoubtedly caught the attention of all attendees was Chooks-to-Go. I guess that bloggers can't help but flock to this fun-filled booth, thanks to the inviting aroma of their whole roasted chickens, no matter how concealed they were, plus their exciting and award-winning game: the Kwelavan.  Add to that their flaming (or rather, roasting) red-themed booth and their equally flaming hot crew (you can achieve their looks by having the Chooks-To-Go diet daw, as mentioned by's Mr. Vince). :D

The flaming (or roasting) red-themed booth of Chooks-To-Go
The equally hot crew of Chooks-To-Go, accommodating bloggers
(Ma-try nga yung Chooks-To-Go diet!)

Chooks-To-Go crew, accommodating the bloggers

Chooks-To-Go booth

So, upon seeing Chooks-To-Go's booth, I immediately registered and waited for my turn to experience their super nakakaaliw and kwelang-kwelang KWELAVAN. Even if I was still waiting for my turn, I was already thinking up of ways to top the other bloggers' scores. I listened for the crew's tips and guides ("dahan-dahan lang sa paglipad", "talon agad", "sa harap ka sumuntok") while still managing to smile and strike a decent-looking "stolen" pose as there were at least 2 Chooks-To-Go camera men in the vicinity plus a whole lot of other bloggers armed with their cameras. I also had to think of ways not to look too wacky on the photos (while playing in the Kwelavan) and at the same time not to be too mindful of how I would look like on the photos/videos since this might affect my scores and my overall Kwelavan experience (competitive lang talaga hahaha).

While waiting for my turn: I'm next!

What exactly is Kwelavan? In the simplest sense... it's a van full of kwela! It's an interactive gaming console that brings out the ka-kwelahan and kakulitan of every Pinoy. It's aptly named too because the game itself is Pinoy na Pinoy (parang Chooks-To-Go, proudly Pinoy). The game features the newest characters of Chooks-To-Go, ang mag-bestfriend na sina Tom Crew at Chikoy. Kwelavan is also an award-winning game: it has been awarded BEST ADVERGAME and BEST GAME ENGINE during the Philippine Game Festival 2014. How cool is that? :)

So, here goes my kwelang Kwelavan experience: At the start of the game, every player should position themselves inside the label on the floor which says: LARO DITO. You can already sense how Pinoy na Pinoy this game will be. Once positioned, players should imitate the pose shown on the screen (a person standing with both hands up). This is so that the game would know if you will be playing individually or with a partner. The game will then randomize the three different games you will play (out of the five games available). I got: Human Tetris, Chookstacle Course and one other game whose name I forgot, huhu (Jus-Ku-Po, ulyanin na haha). But I'm guessing that the game's name is close to Slice A Chooks.

Ready to play? Pwes, laro na dito!

First task of the game: GAYAHIN ANG POSE!

Register in the game either individually or with a partner by simply imitating the pose
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Doing the first task of the game: ready nang lumipad, este, maglaro! :)

After the game has registered you and your Kwelavan partner, the game will then randomize the three games you'll play. I got: Human Tetris, Chookstacle Course and Slice A Chooks 
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Humas Tetris: Hold mo lang yang pose mo para manalo!
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Chookstacle Course: Ready ka nang tumalon at yumuko?

Pag may nakitang chookstacle, tumalon o yumuko agad!
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Slice A Chooks: Bago kainin ang masarap kahit walang sauce na Chooks-To-Go, make sure na sliced na ito! Iwasan lang ang sauce - hindi na kailangan yan!
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In Human Tetris, we had to imitate three different poses shown on the screen. In Chookstacle Course, we had to jump or duck to avoid the obstacles, this was pretty simple since there were cues like "Talon!" and "Yuko!". And lastly, in Slice A Chooks, we had to slice the chickens by doing karate-like moves while avoiding the hot sauce. Of the three games that I played, I think Human Tetris was the most challenging. I had to imitate wacky poses and maintain my balance while the game is processing/scanning the pose. I was able to fit in all three poses until the hip part only, pero tamang tama kasi yung hip part ang paborito ko sa Chooks To Go roasted chickens! :)

Nag-enjoy na nga ako sa Kwelavan, nanalo pa ako ng prizes! After playing, the Chooks-To-Go crew were very eager to give me my photo, voucher and umbrella. What more can I ask for? Check out my Chooks-To-Go prizes after playing Kwelavan! :)

What's better than a Chooks-To-Go roasted chicken? Edi.. discounted Chooks-To-Go roasted chickens! :)

Thank You Card: Ang sweet ng Chooks-To-Go! Kasing sweet ng kanilang Sweet Roasted Chicken! Saktong-sakto yung photo kong mukhang touched sa sweetness ng Chooks-To-Go! :)

Tamang-tama sa maulang panahon ang prize na 'to!

Tom Crew and Chikoy on my new umbrella

Check out the other photos I took during my Chooks-To-Go's Kwelavan experience: 

Makisaya at makisakay na sa Kwelavan! 

Ang kwelang duo ng Chooks-To-Go: Tom Crew at Chikoy

Kasama ang Pinoy version ni Tom Cruise: si Tom Crew! 

With Chikoy na game na game for picture taking! :)
Robot dance ni Tom Crew at Chikoy :)
Gayahin ang pose! :)

Si Tom Crew, ginagaya ang wacky moves ko habang naglalaro sa Kwelavan!

Award-winning Kwelavan: Saan ka pa?

Another game featured in Kwelavan: Flying Chicken.
Ang tanging chicken na mas mataas ang lipad kaysa sa eroplano!
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Another game featured in Kwelavan: Eggscape
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All in all, Kwelavan absolutely made my Blogapalooza event more awesome than it already is. I also got to feel like an artista because after playing, I was interviewed by the Chooks-To-Go crew! :) 

Want to have your own Kwelavan experience? Best to check out their website here and follow or like them at their social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter to get updates where the next Kwelavan stop will be!