Aion Plas Chamois: For That Squeaky-Clean Finish!

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Have you ever experienced cleaning any glass surface with an old cloth or cotton, but instead of achieving a squeaky-clean finish, you're frustrated with the many streaks and bits of thread-like lints left on the glass? Well, we experience that all the time. So, in our quest of finding a cleaning material that will give us that squeaky-clean, streak-free and lint-free finish, we tumbled upon Aion Plas Chamois.

A closer look at Aion Plas Chamois


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Aion Plas Chamois is a powerful cleaning tool developed in Japan's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. It was even hailed as Japan's #1 best-selling super-absorbent towel for its top quality and high performance. Here are just some of the reasons why Aion Plas Chamois is Japan's #1:

  • CAN EASILY BE DRAINED - Unlike regular towels or clothes, Aion Plas Chamois can be easily drained by squeezing. Other towels, although already squeezed, are still too damp or too wet that you cannot use them again for drying any surface. 
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  • EXCELLENT ABSORPTION PROPERTIES - Experienced bringing a wet piece of cleaning material and noticed that wherever you go, you leave a trail of water spills on the floor? This happens often with cleaning materials that cannot hold and absorb water. With Aion Plas Chamois, you no longer need to worry about water spills on the floor because it can hold and absorb liquid up to 300% of its total weight. 
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  • MAKES ONE CLEAN WIPE - While other cleaning materials needed to be wiped at least three times on any surface to achieve that smooth finish, Aion Plas Chamois can do it with just one wipe. This is good news for people who consider cleaning a boring and exhausting activity, like me! Plus, Aion Plas Chamois comes in different colors, so it will truly liven up and put a bit of color in your cleaning experience 
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  • CLEANS WITHOUT LEAVING ANY MARK - With its soft and fine-textured properties, no one ever need to worry about marks and lints. Aion Plas Chamois cleans without putting a single scratch on your windows, and without leaving any lints.
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Aion Plas Chamois has all these amazing features thanks to its propriety patented PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) Sponge technology. Aion's PVA Sponge has a capillarity structure of three dimensional network of micro pores, hence, it has an amazing water absorption and water retaining properties.

To help you  give a concrete idea how Aion Plas Chamois exactly works, check out this video:


To date, we've been a regular user of Aion Plas Chamois ever since we discovered it. Here are just some of the ways with which we use Aion Plas Chamois:

Drying pets: I grew up in a family of pet lovers, and that's probably the reason why I can't remember a time when we didn't have any pets to complete our family. Every weekend, it has been a traditional way of family bonding to bathe our pets. Ever since, after our pets have taken their baths, we would dry them using towels (regular towels people use). This proved to be difficult because of the following reasons:
(1) The towels were too long for our pets that they sometimes touch the floor, getting it dirty.
(2) The towels easily get wet but squeezing them doesn't really dry them out. Often times, we have to use two towels for one dog to dry them properly.

It was actually my father who thought of using Aion Plas Chamois to dry our pets. And I guess that it's one of the best drying materials for any pets. Aion Plas Chamois is shorter than the usual towels, thus, it won't touch the floor while you're drying your pets. Once it gets wet, you could simply squeeze the water out and it instantly becomes dry, thereby providing more room for water absorption.

Even my pet cat gets excited over the idea of taking a bath with Aion Plas Chamois! :)

Cleaning mirrors: Our mirrors, specially the one we use in the bathroom, accumulates so much dirt that it's sometimes impossible to see your reflection. We've tried using tricks we've read from the internet (using wet newspapers, cottons, old cloths, pouring vinegar) but they all proved to be failures. Using them would almost always leave smudges, streaks or lints on our mirrors, which was kind of irritating because it was nearly impossible removing all those tiny bits of lints. With Aion Plas Chamois, cleaning mirrors (or any other glassy surface) was easy-breezy because it cleans without leaving any marks!

Notice how the marks on the left picture (before) were gone after a few wipes with Aion Plas Chamois!

Cleaning cars: I remember one time, when my dad was cleaning his car's windows using an old cloth, he accidentally put a scratch mark on his window. Turns out that the old clothe's size label (found at the back of the neck where you'll see the clothe's size and care label) was too rough for the car's window. Aside from that, using old clothes, or any other chamois of low quality, would require at least three wipes to totally dry the window. This made the car-cleaning more exhausting than it already is for my dad (who loves his car so much that he washes it every day). So imagine his relief when he used Aion Plas Chamois for the first time. With its super-absorbent quality, all he needed to do was a single wipe and the window instantly dried!

Cleaning sinks: Even though we know that it's perfectly normal for kitchen sinks to be frequently wet, my mother insists on keeping our sink dry and sleek. Maintaining our kitchen sink dry was really hard, especially when you're using an old piece of cloth. Wiping the wet sink with an old piece of cloth would often scatter the water - which gets our floor wet too, since the water from the sink gets pushed to the edges. Aion Plas Chamois does the opposite: it absorbs water while it is being wiped on any surface.

Aion Plas Chamois: Great for cleaning sinks and avoiding water spills on the sink's edges!

Drying kitchen utensils: After washing any kitchen utensils, we would always dry them out using any clean piece of cloth or towel before storing them in the cupboard and cabinet. We noticed that this was a bad idea since every time we would these utensils come eating time, we'd spend minutes trying to lift off the lints or cotton waste on our dining ware. With Aion Plas Chamois, we no longer have to worry about any lint or cotton waste left on our plates or spoons.

Lint-free kitchen utensils, only with Aion Plas Chamois!


Want to experience the same squeaky-clean finish? Buy your Aion Plas Chamois now! Aion Plas Chamois is available at the following stores: 

If you're residing near Quezon Avenue in Quezon City, Aion Plas Chamois can also be bought in major auto car accessories in Banawe. They're usually priced below Php 400. I got mine from Blade at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth for Php 379.75. Know more about this awesome chamois by visiting their website at and by liking their Facebook page at