Kolours Balinese Brown

Sunday, September 21, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

So out of the blue,  I recently got my hair dyed .... ♫ for the first time in forever ♫. Not sure if dyeing hairs the DIY way is a good idea, especially for a first-timer like me, but I did it anyway. It was pretty hard choosing a color, I was torn between Kolours' Toasted Anise and Balinese Brown shades but I opted for Balinese Brown na lang. Wala lang. Haha. Bought this kit for Php 250 from Mercury Drugstore. 

Feeling professional with my hair-dyeing kit.

Each kit contains: 70 mL Color Developer, 2 After Treatment Conditioners, a pair of gloves, 50g Creme Colorant and the Instruction Leaflet. According to the info printed on the kit's box, this application is good for medium-length hair. I have a very, very thick hair, so I'm not quite sure kung pasok ba sa medium-length hair yung buhok ko. It's so thick that I never had a trip to the parlor without someone telling me "ang kapal naman ng buhok mo beh"

Anyare? May nagbago ba? Hahaha.

So, uhm, this is my before and after picture, taken at the same place (about 2.5 hours ang agwat ng picture when they were taken). The Before and After pictures naturally doesn't have any filter or effects. And yes, I noticed too that not much has changed (if there's any change at all). Huhu :( I need to stand under the sunlight para makita talaga yung kulay. Either I should have bought two kits of the same color, or chose a shade lighter.