Photo Journal Week 1

Monday, September 08, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

Starting this month of September, I've decided to have my own photo journal. I'll take a photo each day until uhmmm.. hanggang magsawa ako haha. For Week 1, here are the seven photos which I think are worth taking a picture of. In some way, thru this photo documentation, I'll have something to look back to when reminiscing in the near future, ha! Drama lang :)

September 1, Monday
Mondays in UP: I'm not sure what this place is called, but it's some sort of bridge that connects AS/Palma Hall to CASAA. Since there are usually no classes in UP during Mondays, this bridge looks lonely and deserted. But this place is usually crowded and busy from Tuesdays-Fridays. This is where I do my running stints on my way to my second class na nasa kabilang bundok haha. Fortunately, di pa naman ako nale-late, pero pumipintig-pintig mga binti ko sa sakit from running huhu.

September 2, Tuesday
His Kind of Books: Favorite author niya eh :) I don't fancy Grisham's books because most of the words used are kinda hard for me to comprehend, huhu. I tried reading one, The Client, pero sumuko agad ako after reading the first 3 pages haha.

September 3, Wednesday
Zero Visibility: On my way to school, it rained so hard that vehicles traversing the highway are on hazard. And as usual, I always forget to bring my umbrella when it rains. :(

September 4, Thursday
Day I Was Born: For a writing assignment in my Creative Nonfiction class, we were tasked to go to the library and read a newspaper dated on our birthday. They had newspaper archives as late as the 1930's Didn't know our library had this kind of service.

September 5, Friday
Vandals: I'm not a fan of vandals, and I've never written one (pramis) but vandals in UP have always amused me. They're not the usual vandals kasi - some vandals are so philosophical they keep me thinking all night. 

September 6, Saturday
Okramazing: We saw this okra shrub (not sure if it's called a shrub talaga) when we parked in front of a residential house near Tri-Mo Shawarma. I was instantly amazed since this was the first time I saw how an okra looked like while still planted. 

September 7, Sunday
A Dose of Diabetes: For four consecutive nights, we had our dinner at Mcdo. It's unhealthy, yes, pero kasi masarap eh huhu. If only someone would think of building a fastfood-like restaurant that serves healthy dishes at a low price. :(