Photo Journal Week 2

Friday, September 19, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

Got a bit late posting the second week of my photo journal :(

September 8, Monday
UP Staple Food: I love instant noodles (I know that's a bad thing pero masarap kasi talaga huhu) and any tusok-tusok. So for a quick snack, I always go for pancit canton+kikiam or pancit canton+chicken ball. I only visit three kiosks in UP though, because I'm a bit picky of the sauce - parang gravy ng KFC, isinasabaw ko sa kikiam/fishball/chickenball. If you want to try out my all time favorite food kiosks in UP, you can find them at: (1) the first stall in front of Vidal A. Tan Hall, (2) stall nearest the tambayans in Vinzon's Hall and (3) stall beside the UPIS K-2 building, in front of CHE Craft and Interior Design Laboratory.

September 9, Tuesday
At least naka-bote pa rin. My friend and I went for a trip to Gulpers, and before doing so, I made sure that I bring my own drink, Vitamilk. You see, I don't drink anything alcoholic or yung pang 18 yrs old and above drinks. I've tried drinking one, but I honestly don't like the taste. One sip - and that's it, ayoko na talaga haha. My friends would say that it's not the taste you're after for when drinking such, uhm, drinks. But I'm the kind of eater/drinker who really goes after the taste. It's pretty much like how some people wouldn't eat certain kinds of food because they simply don't like the taste.

September 10, Wednesday
BA-AHA-A-GA-HA-A-RA-I. Our PE prof required us to attend the cheering practice for the upcoming UAAP CDC (held September 14). It was fun and the cheer was just really awesome, although ang sakit sa lalamunan, since we really had to shout. 

September 11, Thursday
Tea, anyone? This week have not passed by without a day raining, so for this day, we went to Luk Foo for some good ol' noodle soup to warm our souls, charot. Before our orders were served, the staff always gives us some tea. I don't like teas served hot, I prefer the powdered and uber sweet versions. 

September 12, Friday
Can't think of a title for this one. We were waiting for our prof, and since our class is Stretching, we hold our classes in the gymnastics area. I know that people walk on these uhm, foams, with their shoes on, but I lie down anyway for a quick rest.

September 13, Saturday
Trapped. After class, I planned on having my lunch in  KATAG, located at the basement of FC. But I don't like the dishes they have for that day so umalis ako agad. I went up the second floor of the building and I passed by the old admin offices of CAL which was now deserted (they moved to the 2nd floor). I noticed that most of the doors have spider webs na, and on one door, I saw this moth hanging upside down. Ang lungkot tignan ano

September 14, Sunday
First legit NLEX road trip. Yey! Feeling adults na hahaha :)