New Do, ulit?!

Friday, September 05, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

Last Thursday, when I viewed my blog site using the ultra wide desktops in the Main Library, I noticed that my blog doesn't auto fit to different computer screen sizes. But aside from that, photos are either too streeeetched, or so shrunk, in short, ang sakit sa mata tignan :( I've promised myself that I'll try to fix my blog's look without changing its template but I've come to accept that that's an impossible thing for me to do, after about more than 5 hours of doing just that.

The super kaduper mega wide screen desktops at the Main Library. It doesn't have the usual CPU's (which usually looks like a rectangular box). I've placed the red ballpen for comparison. Haha.

So, with a super duper heavy heart, I've changed, na naman, my blog's template. This time, I've used Blogger's limited array of template selections. It doesn't look that bad naman right? :) I do sincerely hope that by using Blogger's template, my pictures and texts won't make a mess, no matter the computer's screen size. 

What my old blog looked like.